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Blogmas Muttonstyle Part six - the Hiatus Days of Mess

Dear Fasionista and Follower

As I write this I am frustrated.  My house is a tip and its really, really bothering me.  Are we all living in a tip in the hiatus between events, awaiting the opportunity to remove the darn clutter of flipping   our charming and festive decorations?  Mr Him has returned to work but I have the week off and this finds me now sitting amongst this tide of tinsel, empty xmas stockings and presents that need to find a home.

On Boxing day we were both at home and we took the dogs to the lcoal pub for a mulled wine (me not the dogs).    I wore a plaid shirt with a vest under and blinged it up with a statement necklace.  I wore sturdy leather boots for walking along the path through the woods.  These boots are the oh so comfortable leather Vic boots that I bought for £66 pounds and mentioned in expensive sale it turned out, here.   I'm looking post Christmas chunky, oops, shouldn't I mention that.  It's all water retention, honest. 

Plaid blouse outfit

I wore my new Lands End parka which was perfectly snuggly for 4c.   It was a bright day and the sun is low in the sky so sunnies are needed on clear sharp days like this. 

Landend parka
Coat  Lands End UK site
           Lands' End USA Site

My mulled wine was very welcome.

Mr Him in his T shirt, not so much.  For goodness sake, where did I get him from!

We actually found an intact male chihuahua so Mr Him's plan to let our Mia be a mummy is a step closer and a bit exciting.  I'll make it clear that we established this from a conversation and not dog actions.

The next day I had one of those visit the mother days as she was poorly and needed a bit of looking after.  I had a couple of nurses visit whilst I was there and then organised Bluebird to come in daily. 

Bluebird are a care in the home organisation that came highly recommended to me.  Here is their site - Bluebird Care,  if you are in a similar situation and want the reassurance of someone visiting and doing daily tasks for your loved one in Britain. 

I wore a M&S jumper and my puffa vest, both of which are a few years old.  Ignore the footwear.  It was snowy and wet and I had to think of wearing practical and old on the feet. 

 This is the first time that I had combined the vest and jumper and I did like the navy of the vest with the caramel of the jumper.  A win I think.  My mother actually commented too and said, 'oh you look nice' and 'that's pretty.'  Have you paired caramel and navy together?  Maybe I'm just a little late to the party, as usual. 


  1. Looking so warm and cosy, my lovely. I may be sounding like a broken record but your smile is bringing joy to my heart. Hope your mum is on the mend, the tinsel's been consigned to the loft and you're enjoying feet-up mulled wine o'clock. Hugs, x.

  2. so you realize, right, that a pregnant dog means puppies to be got rid of?

    1. Yes but they have a small litter and I'd have one plus I have a friend who wants one. It's going to take some thinking about.

  3. Those decs come down on NY Day in my house! I have lost track of time and thought today was Friday. Enjoyed your Blogmas posts!

    1. Normally I remove them on the 2nd but this year it is NYD that I'm removing them.

  4. I am going a compromise this year. Everything but the tree comes down the day after New Years. I will leave the tree up until Epiphany. Then I don't have to do everything at one time.
    That's a nice looking Lands End coat. I guess if we can get Barbour you can get Lands End. Have a wonderful New Years! We are doing absolutely nothing but that is OK in my book. First years we have stayed home in a while and I am looking forward to it. Maybe, I will put something on loungy.

    1. Happy new year Terri. I'm taking all my decs down today NYD . Back to work tomorrow and so the holiday is over.

  5. I was in a sea of tinsel, wrapping paper and all the other trimmings at mothers which makes you feel uneasy and in need of constant clearing up from my lot, ie grandchildren, the puppy and myself of course. I so look forward to Christmas and then so look forward to getting back to normal! xx


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