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Blogmas Muttonstyle Part Three

Almost at the finishing line. Not many more blogmases for you to endure.  This past week I had my company party which was advertised as theme Sparkle.  I debated on this, my sparkling personality, my sparkling new braces-free smile, but settled on a sparkly jumper.  

H&M jumper

I bought this in H&M just a few weeks ago but its no longer on line nor in store that I can see.  However there are similar in store so do have a browse if there is one near you.  Talking of which, I've heard that they are closing some stores in the UK.   Just when I was of a mind that my home town needs one!  We also need Primark.  One can dream.  

On the gifts front I have bought Mr Him and psuedo son in law shirts from M&S.  Good old M&S for Christmas, eh!  Some socks from H&M found there way into a basket for the girls and I bought myself a buffalo plaid shirt.  Don't you just love the red that is in the buffalo print that's popping up all over the place, from men's scarves on the train as I commute, to jackets and pyjamas (the latter not as I commute I stress.)  I was deteremined to get myself something in this print, and it is festive.  I also bought myself a plaid and pearls blouse from H&M as seen in my dressing room pic below. 

H&M blouse
Try on in store, and showing my teeth without braces

Why the heck are they closing stores?  Surely I'm keeping them going single handedly!

Did you read the above caption, yes, braces are off!  You can read of my braces experience on my post on internal bleaching and braces here .  I will be doing an update now that I have completed the process. 

I have swapped my nail varnish this week to Malaga Wine.  Just love the rich burgundy red and the excuse to wear this colour.

OPI Malaga wine

Whilst we are admiring Malaga Wine lets also appreciate this Christmas Begonia that I bought from Sainsbury's with the pot, including gratuitous nail as bloggers are wont to do, haha.

Sainsburys Christmas Begonia

Mr Him had an Ikea run and brought home a couple of bottles of mulled wine.  I'm looking forward to trying this Swedish one.  I wonder what he'll drink!  mulled wine from Ikea .  


  1. Love the sparkly jumper and your new sparkly brace free teeth!! Enjoy that wine!

  2. Love the jumper. There are so many items that are on my wish list for h&m I like their home wear too xx

  3. You look fabulous and I LOVE that shade of nail color!! Merry Christmas gorgeous lady!

  4. Great looks. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a happy New Year. Nicole at High Latitude Style

  5. Oh I recall the excitement of getting my braces off !! Good for you ;)
    Your new jumper looks good, nicely worn.


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