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Blogmas Muttonstyle part Two

Blogmas part two.  Well it's been even quieter this week.  I haven't been out out at all!  
The highlight was going to pick a tree last Saturday.  For the last 15 years we've had an artificial tree but this year I wanted the true smell of Xmas, pine. There are plenty of places to buy a cut tree in the UK from your local supermarket to stalls on the high street.  We wanted a rooted tree so set off to a nursery.  To our dismay all of the trees were cut.

We drove off and found a sign pointing down a track next to a garage in Scaynes Hill.  Oakgates Christmas trees.  What a gem we found. 

It has rows and rows  (140 ) of trees growing and you can pick your own.  Not in the sense of pick your own fruit you understand.  No, in the sense of the American movies.  Shame I didn't have wellies in the car. It was far too muddy to go tree picking without.  What's thar you say! Oh, there's a flock of wellies for customers at Oakgates!  Yes there were.  How clever for them to think of everything. 

So with booted feet we went off to choose a tree. 

picking a christmas tree

labeling a tree
I was looking for a bushy tree, but being unusual  I picked a leaning tower of Pisa

Now, we did say we wanted a rooted tree for better longevity.  However, we were told that a rooted tree has so much root damage to the ball by the time its removed from the ground and the root ball is so small when you consider the original root size that the tree doesn't last as long as a cut one. A cut one kept in a reservoir of water will stay fresh. 
So our leaning tower of Pisa tree was  cut, wrapped and found its way into our car boot/trunk.

I bought jam whilst I was there too.  In the summer Oakgates sells fruit and vegetables unsprayed with pesticides so I'll be back. 

On Sunday we decorated the house and tree

christmas decorations
remember the Santa I bought last week in Brighton Marina

I love these cushions that I found in Poundland this week

I found these lights in Waitrose/John Lewes

then I made cheese.  Yes you read right.  I was given a Boska cheese set last Xmas and thought it's about time I had a go. 

What have I been watching?
Living the Dream on Sky with Phil Glenister 
Dark on Netflix 
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime 


  1. Can't wait to read about how the home made cheese went.

    Also taking the opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Been another lovely year of our blogging friendship.

    Be well

    SSG xxx

  2. Ah, you are a better woman than I. I kicked real trees out about 20 years ago, so tired of picking needles out of the rug eleven months after the fact. Now, I wouldn't mix a live potted tree that Michael would have to plant after Christmas, but I think that might be a little pricey.

    Glad you are enjoying your cheese making. I've made Mozzarella one time and always meant to do it again because it was absolutely delicious. We even took a class on how to make it.
    Merry Christmas xo

  3. I much prefer a real tree and love the smell. OH won't let me have one because of the dogs but I bet they would be OK. Xx


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