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November Outfits, Outings and Purchases

Dear Fashionista

November has been such a mix.  I've had to deal with the emotions of my father's funeral which sent me into a quite a miserable state. I've been told that I will be up and down for quite a while, perhaps years and as I write this I think this is true.  The grief at the time felt like a physical knot in my chest. But there were good times in the month.  Events that took my mind off my pain, and isn't that what he would have  wanted.  

One of my first distractions was an after work drinks with Mr Him's colleagues on a casual Friday.  I wore a white shirt and long brown cardigan with jeans.  I did add boots I will have you know.  Do you wear white shirts casually?

long cardigan and jeans with white blouse

The next day we went to see the Sir John Soanes museum followed by lunch and a cocktail at a Chinese restaurant near to the museum with friends.  

My dessert, green sponge and ice cream

Have you discovered the Sir John Soanes museum?  It's free to get in and quite a London secret.  More on this link.  Sir John Soanes Museum link .  It's a treasure trove of a private collection  and there is far too much to see on one visit, including a sarcophagus.  

I wore a twinset, (who said they are has beens?)  This one has a modern shaped drape to the cardigan.  It's a useful go-to in the Autumn and Spring.  It can be dressed up and down so easily, plus with  built in layers being a two piece. The bag is from M&S and no longer available but there is similar  here M&S hobo bag 

twin set
you can see I'm looking not myself 

We had a family lunch one Sunday at Prezzo and I wore my closest thing to a slogan Tshirt  and wrote about that on my post about those old souvenir Tshirts in your wardrobe and how to wear themand I had a curry with friends in a new  Indian restaurant near to us which I wrote about in my post on layering necklaces . 

As for purchases, well it might as well have been Nospendvember.  I did have to splash out on a washing machine as ours stopped mid-cycle, after 12 years.  I know, I know a long cycle, haha.  Anyway, Mr Him opened the door and bailed the water out and we decided that as it was a program issue it was worth getting a new machine given its age. We chose a Bosch again and this one takes 8kg.  

I also bought statement boots. Yes, my own statement boots.  What do you think? 

Marks and spencer block heel brocade boot

These boots are from Marks and Spencer and found under this link  block-heel-brocade-ankle-boots . 

And I had my first ever gel nails experience.  Funnily enough the same day I experienced an Uber for the first time. The Ubers look like ants on the Uber app. Have you seen them?  Anyway back to gel nails.  I chose OPI I Mainly Eat Lobster and had them done at Gatwick airport departures.  A bit risky with the gate closing in 25 minutes but I was assured the nails took 15 and I could make the gate in 9. Talk about flying by the seat of the pants!
I made it.  As for the gel nails, well there's  more on my experience of gel nails on  5 reasons why I won't Become a Gel Nail Addict.

I had a few more visits to East Sussex to help my mother with hospital trips and so on. As I mentioned in October I like to look practical but 'nice'. Afterall she's the one that taught me to 'look your best' in her words.   Ponchos are still in aren't they!

cape Pia Rossini last year

off to do solicitory stuff regarding my father

Apart from buying  the boots and the gel nails I was good until ..... da-da-daaah Black Friday.  You know I visited Top Shop as I mentioned it  on my post  top-shop-black-friday-bargains.   And I have to say these boots are so comfortable.  Not a run or blister and they build up arm muscles as you pull them off being quite snug around the ankle. I really am pleasantly surprised from a fashion chain.

I  ordered some jeans from M&S just  because I needed some.  What are we doing with jeans these days? The blogs are telling us skinny is out but the shops in the UK are telling us otherwise.  So a pair of straight ankle grazers, with a struggle found themselves in an online cart and couriering their way to me because there was no such thing in store.  I bought them in light indigo. I'm not sure they'll go with black boots. Still they will be perfect for spring. 

November was also the month that black-tie dinners behaved like buses.  You wait all year for one then 2 come up on consecutive nights. 

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I do have this dress in two colours.  Convenient when you have 2 events in a row. 

How I managed the logistics of office to black tie affair  is on how-to-pack-for-that-evening-out.

I had a trip to Geneva for work. For travelling I kept it simple.

It was lovely wandering around the streets of Geneva down by the lake as we looked for a suitable bistro.

 Luckily I had the foresight to pack a beenie and wear my puffa coat. 

The most popular of my work outfits in the month on Instagram were the two below. 

On the Coach to 5k front I'm plodding along running 20 minutes 3 times a week.  I'm not feeling the love for stepping it up in the winter. 

And that was November folks.


  1. Love your outfits and lace dresses! Those statement booties are fabulous!

  2. You always look so put together! I love that you can get your nails done right before a flight!

  3. Ponchos are absolutely still in and those statement booties are great!

    1. Unfortunately as soon as it was cool enough for the poncho the temperature fell further and I was into a puffa coat.

  4. So many amazing looks! My favs are the first one with the long cardigan and the poncho! And I love those brocade boots! I really need a pair of those!

    1. Thank you. Got to love a poncho. I liked that outfit too.

  5. I'm so sorry about your father, Anna. It's always the worst part of life, and I think it's always good to mourn.
    Those boots though? That's the way to celebrate life! How gorgeous and I can't wait to see you wearing them!!

  6. There are so any items of clothing here I like! The camel cardigan, my favourite colour! The poncho looks absolutely fabulous and the Red lace dress looks stunning. I hope things start to settle down for you soon. My father died 15 years ago and I still cry from time to time. It will get easier as time goes by. I feel for you xx

  7. You have some gorgeous outfits here! Love the camel cardigan and the red dress. Sending love and hugs for your loss x


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