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5 Ways to Style Leopard Print and Burgundy

As I experience no spend January and my blogalutions what better time to play with clothes, because I'm  not flipping well going  out!  So a  January weekend saw me being a wannabe stylist in my garden on a freezing and windy day in which my family took it in turns to brave Storm Me to take photos. Ah, bless.    I'll set the scene and backtrack a bit for you.  

A combination that I raved about last January was burgundy and leopard print which  I wore  to work as a top and scarf. I decided to replicate it with improvement,

An instagram pic.  Do you  follow Mutton_style

 the addition of a matching accessorising chicken.   

Not only that but I really pushed the January leopard boat out and wore a leopard print blouse with a cassis coloured cardigan for a casual in the office global meeting day.  Yes, I'm pleased with this look too. ('m enjoying finding new outfits with my existing clothes but don't tell anyone.)

With the family at home on a  thrifty January weekend then what better time to play find other combinations amongst my clothes library.   So I did. I played dressing up  again and again with nowhere to go. Here's how I styled more leopard and burgundy as I played.

Firstly, photographer no. 1, my oldest daughter, and I'm in my 'you've seen it so often' black moto, with a burgundy blouse  and leopard bag.

leopard print bag outfit with moto jacket

You can see the wind blowing around my face.

leopard print bag outfit

We headed into the warmth and then I dragged photograher no 2 out, Mr Him.  For this look I changed the jacket for a leopard one and dropped the leopard bag. The rest of the outfit is the same as above. It looks totally different doesn't it!

leopard print jacket outfit

I love the sleeves on this jacket. It's one that I actually thrifted. Didn't I do well!

leopard print sleeves jacket

After a warming cup of tea and a brush of my hair Mr Him and I were back braving the mini hurricane.  This time I used a leopard top and burgundy pleather moto.  The black bag is the one that I referred to in my last blog post. You can see how useful I would find it. 

burgundy moto and leopard outfit

Lastly for the brave of stylist hearts I'll leave you with how  not to wear burgundy, in my post Clashy-Clashy last year.  


  1. I absolutely love all of your fun outfit redo's (is that a word?). Anyway, what a great combo. I knew red and leopard were good together but didn't think of burgundy. You look hip and chic!

    1. I hope you've had a play now with burgundy and leopard. I like red with it too, and grey, and navy. Oh I could go on.

  2. Beautiful post! Beautiful blog! Subscribing

  3. I do love berry and leoprint, there's something about it that really works. You've put together some great outfits for when you start spending Sunday pub pennies again but these outfits can be taken so many more places. And yes, the change of jacket magically changed the look. What fun you had putting a miserable weekend to good use. And you were so brave to battle the storms for the sake of the blog. Well done, twin. Hugs, x.

  4. I love how you have roped everyone in for a turn at being photographer! You are so lucky to have more than one willing helper Anna. All the outfits look great, but the leopard jacket really is steeling the show! It's gorgeous. xx

  5. Oh Anna, I love your jackets! That leopard one that you thrifted is divine - well done my friend! But I'm also loving those moto jackets. I applaud your no spend January, I am somewhat inspired when I hear bloggers doing this - one day I will do it too! Have a marvelous weekend!

    1. I'm enjoying rediscovering my clothes and playing with them. Its just a shame that in the UK January is such a non going out month so there is not much opportunity to play dressing up for real.

  6. Burgundy and leopard look great together! The leopard jacket was a fantastic find. I meant to "do a shoot" today but it was snowing a little (melted right away) and so grey I didn't venture out.

    1. The jacket was one option for the theatre trip but the boots won.

  7. I love your thrifted leopard print jacket! I admire you for having a no spend January, I definitely couldn't be so disciplined with all the sales on! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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