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5 Most Worn Clothes and Accessories of 2017

This is not about the glamourous or the head turning fashionista intagram worthy items.  This is about those drab grab and go items that are so handy and understated  that you I use them all the darn time.  Plain (operative word) just handy in the wardrobe.

1 First up is my fantabulistic grey slouchy cardigan from Primark.  Oh so many ways I wore this in 2017.  

These grey cardis or versions of seem to be regularly available in store in Primark. A truly versatile Go-To  for anything that's not smart.  Work, shopping, pub.

2 Next up is My Accessorize elephant necklace.  

I bought this 2 years ago and in this bronze it's so easy to wear casually. 

Accesorize elephant pendant

There is a silver version   in store still but online it seems out of stock.

3 Black bags (not bin bags but if that floats your outfit boat go for it)

I have 2 that appear to be my most regular in 2017.  My large leather black tote which I use for work 

and my smaller leather gold clasp bag. The latter is so handy as it's hasn't got a pattern or colour that will clash with an outfit.  Although I have a full bag library this one appears to be the most often used for going out as it's so neutral yet smart. 

4 A neutral breton was a regular wear for me in 2017. My ecru and navy one was most commonly worn as like the other items above, it's easy. 

Navy and ecru Breton top

5 Jeans in indigo go without saying but also in grey and in black. 

But what would happen if I put these most used items together?  This.  

Hmmm,  a bit too neutral.  A bit get lost in the crowd.  A bit nothing.  Bland. No one is going to compliment me on what I'm wearing.  No one is going to remember what I'm wearing come to that!  Perfect for stalking. However my lifestyle is not one of stalking  currently.  Is yours?  

How could this work then? 

Well in reality I wouldn't wear these  together, like this.  I have used a  coloured Breton, for instance,  or  added a jacket instead of the grey cardigan to the neutral Breton.  A few times I have swapped out the grey jeans for burgundy.

In fact as it is it's a perfect casual neutral backdrop to showcase a statement item,

a colourful and flowery scarf

or some leopard print to add a 'notice me' factor

I have added the leopard scarf several times

 or a hat.

On the other hand swap out the breton in ecru and add one in grey and white.  I would if I had one (I must add that to my wishlist. ) I think this imaginary column in grey would look  casually chic. And how about adding the elephant pendant in silver to that imaginary grey column.  It would be perfect wouldn't it. Sorry I don't have that outfit to show you.  Really I'm sorry! Very sorry. 

Anyhow, I've got distracted with playing.  This post was about individually my most useful items.  If you don't have a long neutral cardigan with pockets you don't know what you are missing.  A breton...really say no more. The outsider here is the elephant pendant.  Get one, just get one...or a pineapple..or a bee. People do notice and remark on it...believe me. Inexpensive but adds interest to the ordinary.


  1. What a nice post. What's not to love about those cardis, eh? I have to say that when I got to your first outfit I thought "oh that's nice". But what does that say about me? Natural Born Stalker?!! Love that flash of cheeky red cap at the end, definitely a crowd stander outer outfit, love it! Hugs, x.

    1. Yes, I also do think its a subtle outfit. Not one that anyone could find fault with as its understated.

  2. Cardigans are unmissible! I love in them!

  3. So fabulous with the hat! That's such an Instagrammable picture!

  4. It's easy to see why these great pieces are your favorites! Love that leopard scarf, and thanks for sharing all the fun with Visible Monday, xo


    1. Thank you Patti. I have had the scarf for a few years and its just so handy.

  5. Great pieces. I wear my gray cardigan a lot too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Fab classic pieces! I love the red hat. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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