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5 Shoes I Lived in 2017

January grey and for some unusually cold, yes I am thinking of you my US friends.  I hope you are keeping warm and cosy.  It's Sunday afternoon and I am perusing old pictures on my laptop having been to the gym and finished my weekend declutter.  

I have noticed as I go through my photos that my most worn footwear items are not the glamour blogger statement boot (well it wouldn't be as I didn't get any until the Autumn) or the fashionista heels.  No, they are my various comfortable dependables.  I know, boring.  However given that comfortable dependables are my practical shoes they would be the most worn.  On top of that much of my most worn footwear is not just comfortable but flat.  This is because  a certain Mr Him insists we walk most places to go out so as he, we, no he, we can both drink.  But given that these 5 picks below are flatish and comfortable I  think I have managed to build a small flock of quite attractive practical shoes/boots/sandals, even though I say it myself.  

This post is about my most worn footwear in 2017 so let the fun not  (no fun here)  reveal begin. 

Leopard print trainers

Leopard print trainers

I do like my leopard trainers so much because they add a bit of fun to boring and practical.  I think these will last me years.  They are 18 months old now and I still adore them.

Knee high brown boots from Office

Again a casual everyday boot that is just so handy and still available.  I bought these 2 years ago and they are still a favourite of mine.

Office brown boots

Clarks Boylan Dawn bootie  

What can I say!  These are a fall back when I want a plain comfortable black bootie.  Perfect.  Again these are several years old.  This boot is searchable but as its old where it is available its pricey.  However, a short, comfortable, low heel black boot is ubiquitous so if you do not have such an item I do urge to consider looking for one, especially if you live in wet Britain. 

Boylan Dawn Clarks

Red Birkenstocks

Again a flat shoe, darn Mr Him and this walking to the pub malarkey  but I really like this style in red as it adds a bit of femininity to this practical sandal.  

Mine is no longer available but these linked below look a good option.  

Gizeh Birko-Flor Tango Red Patent

Go Walk

Lastly my Sketchers Go Walks are a popular slip-on for me in the spring and fall.  

casual outfit


  1. They're all pretty stylish for being "boring"! :) I really love the red Birks and the leopard sneakers!

  2. Actually, those leopard trainers are anything but boring and you have seem to have worn them quite a bit. I still have a lot of Clarks that I got while I was teaching. I loved that they had the coolest texture on soles. Do they still have those? They actually inspired an art project back in the day! Walk On!

  3. Those sneakers are fantastic! And you can wear them under skirts and dresses too!

  4. I think comfortable dependables are the way to go especially if it means you can both enjoy a drink and have a good time! And yours are not boring at all - love the leopard!

  5. I wear the same shoes all the time. I stick to around five pairs. This is because of my small feet! It's so hard to find decent fitting shoes! My latest purchase being a pair of wellies from the children's section in Tescos! I like your Tan knee highs from Office. They are similar to my Vionics. I have been living in those xx

  6. I love all your shoes! Those leopard tennis shoes are just the cutest and I would totally wear them!

  7. The tall brown ones are my fave and LOVE that poncho pretty lady! But wait the leopard, whoa has my heart too!! xx

  8. I'm definitely a flats gal! Love your leopard print trainers - and Skecher Go Walks are my favorite shoe!


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