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What's on my Dressing Table A Year On

In January I like to take stock of my Bench of Facial Savings, or dressing table to you.  I think it's fun in January (but then that's a particularly boring month so let's keep the word  'fun' in perspective shall we), to look at how my Bench looked a year ago and now.  What products have lasted, what have been replaced with the same, what have I abandoned?  However, when I got down to it I was horrified. 

Here is last January's bench.  How tidy and minimist!

Then in October it looked like this.  At the time I thought this was cluttered!

But heck,  now!

What happened?  Well minamalist facial products didn't work for me, quite obviously.  Not only have I got the cleansing lotions and toners (as I said in a previous post, why use one when 3 will do) but I also now have a neck lotion and a decollete cream.  I have my Tarte CC cream and BB cream out and I am using them both so they are worthy of the spot.  I also now have my bottle of micellar water out, as well as the 3 cleansing lotions and toners!  It seems to have been the year of multiplication. (I wish my salary did this.)

Let's look at the positive.  I was surprised to see this foundation serum has been used for a  complete year. It's the same bottle and I've used it almost daily. Turns out it was a good buy.  

Dr Perrricone no foundation foundation serum

And oh how I love my glycolic acid.  This happens to be the brand that I use twice a week at night.  I think M&S have started to sell it, haven't they?  This product has been on the Bench for a year although not the same bottle but its always a repeat buy for me. 

Alpha H

My current eye cream is Kiehls eye opening serum.  This has replaced my last January cream which irritated my eyes.  I do like this Kiehls one. I hadn't realised that my watering eyes was due to the previous cream, until I changed it. 


The Tarte CC cream is a different tube from last January but another repeat buy.  I just adore the lightness of a CC cream at weekends and this one is not too thin. The Tarte eyeshadow pallet, the lilac box, is the same one, but eyeshadows last forever don't they.

There is hope on the clutter front.  I am working my way through these cleansing lotions.  That will be 3 bottles off the Bench of Facial Savings.

Do you have a cluttered dressing table too?


  1. I have cluttered boxes! A boot sale is in order! I have found some firm new favourites though that I won't be letting go.It's so trial and error isn't it? I was given a sample of glycolic lotion, but find it way too drying for me xx

  2. Oh AM, you tease ! Please tell me you planted those bombshells in there for me. Eyeshadows last forever ... Using eye cream that made your eyes water ...
    So, what happened in 2017?! Aren't you getting on with the micellar cleanser? And what's your verdict on the neck cream? Longing to hear.
    Hugs, x.

  3. I don t have a shelter of tablet like that! I Just put everything in a box and het it out every day😂😂😂😂

  4. Oh yes, why can't our salaries multiply as quickly as our collection of beauty products? I hate clutter and am currently on a rampage to throw everything out! Seriously I have products that are so old, what am I keeping them for?
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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