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Blogalutions and Mixed Progress

It's a rainy no, sleety, Sunday here.  The sky is grey and we are in mid January.  Time for a cheery blogalutions whereby I declare my deprivation, no, read it again, I said deprivation (not depravity.)  Excuse me whilst I go and turn on the light, its getting darker as I type, and not just from the deprivation casting a gloom over me in my No Spend January. No its because the sleet is getting heavier.  Anyhow this is a rambling blog so as you can share my January deprivations.  Grab a coffee, wine or gin, this is a chat over a drink post. 

On my No Spend blogalution I have done pretty well.  I have not bought clothes, well except gym clothes and that doesn't count does it!  Nor jewellery, nor shoes.  Oh, you want to know about my gym gear, how remiss of me. I'd hoped you hadn't noticed me sneak that in.

set 1

This marble top.

SKU:H Marble Print Active Top:Multi Coloured

Black Active Legging

set 2

SKU:H Marble Print Active Legging:Multi Coloured

Work Hard slogan vest top  (to wear in the summer with the leggings)

I also bought a black Sainsbury Tu activewear Tshirt that I can't find on their site but I wear it with the marble leggings now whilst the sleeveless vest I thought would be useful in the summer.

I don't intend to wear the two patterned items (top and leggings) together.  That would be marble overkill and I'd look like I was a jogging oilslick, which is not the look I was going for.  Anyway, hence the addition of black top and leggings.  Moving swiftly on.  

As another blogulution is decluttering I have had a jackets and coats clear out this past week.  I was determined to find four to eliminate from my closet, and I did. 

I put on a slogan Tshirt, being the modern way to wear jackets, as I wanted to evaluate them with an ontrend vibe, and a comfy pair of slippers.  I know, I know!   Then a cosy winter Sunday afternoon was dedicated  to trying each jacket on over the T and testing it for trendiness, fit, lifestyle suitability and age appropriateness now I'm in my blahies.  

Ironically it was the over the last year rash-but-cheap-store-sale purchases that I have chucked into a charity pile,  a Bon Marche  jacket in the wrong size that I thought at the time would work and an H&M jacket that is too boxy for me.  Now, there's a lesson.  Luckily my Black Friday and post Christmas sale purchases were well considered pieces and not rash, (fingers hopefully crossed.)  

Functional is synonomous with fashion in my wardrobe heaven.  I hope I have acheived that by keeping this selection which includes work and casual jackets.  I have kept basics, classics, anything leather or wool and my beloved pleather motos.  

Of course, there are some that I cannot make my mind over so they have been archived to a wardrobe parking lot to see whether I find a use for them in the next year. 

my unsures

In the kitchen declutter I have shuffled things around in my freezer and much the same in a  cupboard.  There wasn't much to declutter but I have found a few items to get on and eat, hello wholewheat lasagna sheets! 

Weight loss blogalution is a special hell devised particularly for me. I have deprived myself with the effect that I have lost a grand big fat 0.  Yes, zero pounds.  How can this be when I am exercising and reducing calories to 1200 or so!  I have added in variety by going low carb some days,  I have included high intensity interval exercise, and I'm fluctuating the daily calories so as my body doesn't get used to what I am feeding it.  This past week I have even plugged every morsel into My Fitness Pal before plugging it into my mouth but to no avail, except learning that I don't take in enough fibre. Now I am going to try Slimming World once again but in combination with My Fitness Pal.  I'll update you.  

On the coach to 5k front I have continued with the fitness by now running at the gym on the treadmill and have extended it to using the cross trainer and bikes.  Today I felt I had reached a fitness level suitable to keep up in an aerobics class.  So I did.  

I was delighted, as you can imagine, to find the instructor was 10 years older than me!  I had a fear of joining a legs bums and tums class that was full of lithe, uncellulite-dimpled 20 year olds.  I will repeat, I was delighted that the instructor was older than me. She  talked to us of her 6 year old grandaughter as we sidestepped flinging 2.5k weights around (I used 1k today as I was a beginner.)  Anyway, she talked to us about how we will want to be fit grandparents so its important to exercise.  She also said that at a certain age (mine) we need to train our muscles every 48 hours as they won't retain their fitness level as they did when we were younger. I feel a class 3 times a week coming along.  She also wore the same marble leggings as me. I'm on a roll. 

You may think this will be expensive but my gym membership of £50 odd a month means I get unlimited classes and gym sessions plus pool and health suite all in the price.  And I have a choice of 2 centres to I spread around my treadmill love between The Triangle in Burgess Hill and the Dolphin in Haywards Heath which is enough variety to stop me getting bored. If you are in the UK do your local authority have an inclusive membership like this?  It's worth looking if you are thinking of getting fit. 

I may be zipping around in the studio but  I have turned into a lady that needs to held together with brackets when I go to bed. It's a bit like living Cinderella. Past ten pm  I fall apart.  Having had my braces removed I now have to shove a retainer in my mouth at night to keep my teeth in one place and at the other end I have started this week to use a bunion corrector.  this contraption goes on my foot for night time wear in an attempt to align my toes.  Have you used a bunion corrector and do they work?


  1. Love those new work out clothes! Two things I have found to be true in my weight loss journey: one, when increasing your exercise, often you will gain weight or not lose any, according to the scale. This is because muscle is denser than fat, so as you build muscle, the scale might not budge. Keep it up, and eventually it will. If you're feeling well and your clothes fit better, the scale doesn't really matter. Second, if I don't eat enough, I don't lose weight. Seems counter productive, but your body needs enough fuel to increase the metabolism. As long as it's healthy choices, and you're using fitness pal, try upping your calories a bit.

  2. Congratulations on the no spend January - you are killing it!!! Gym clothes don't count, they are a necessity just like food, lol!
    I love that you found a class you enjoy and a great instructor. I live in a college town so I am overrun by 20 somethings who have no idea what an aging body like mine needs. I'm always excited when I see a more mature person at the front of the room - it's a good sign.
    I'm anxious to hear if the bunion contraption works, I thought the only way to really fix them was with surgery so if this thing works I'll take two - one for each foot! I wear a retainer every night too. After having braces twice I learned my lesson!

  3. So proud of you! You inspire us and super cute workout wear! Makes me feel better when I have a cute top or leggings to sweat it out in. Hope the contraption works!!!!! xo

  4. I'm loving the gym wear Anna. I always forget to look at Tu/Sainsburys and I love their clothes.
    I hope February is a better month for you Anna, and stop worrying about your weight!

  5. Cool fitness gear! Must treat myself to a browse at Sainsbury's. I've lost the princely sum of one pound. But all this exercising and eating fewer calories must surely deliver eventually.


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