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Blogalutions - Decluttering of Body Mass and CDs

Well New year is here and with it the roll call of resolutions.  I am not answering the roll call. Instead I am just improving me and mine (watch out Mr Him, a six pack beckons.) In this way its not a major feat that I will fail at but a more manageable tracking against the past with a small tick up against each aspect.  So, I have decided to run a series called Blogolutions, for I am a work in progress.  As a blogger and a reader of blogs I am eternally on a quest for self improvement, otherwise I wouldn't do it.  I read and I write to learn,  learn from others, impart my experiences to others and learn from myself.  One would hope that learning leads to advancement, and not just of age, so I am going to try to better myself on many fronts using my prior blogs as a baseline and guide.

Food Front

January sees me dieting, always.  It's a given.  Each January I start at the same weight, reach a low around July and then a high again in September and run with that high until, yes, January. Each darn year.  Can 2018 be any different?  Well, let's try. Luckly I kept a track of my weight last year so I have a target.  In order to be a lower weight, even by a pound, I will need to end January 2018 at  blah stone and 6 pounds, or less.  So how will I try to do this.  Well learn from  prior lessons for a start. 

Two years ago I listed meals on my blog that helped me to lose weight and  eat clean.  This  Deliously Ella pasta sauce   was one of my favourites.   So  New Years Day saw me batch cooking this sauce for my freezer. 

Pasta sauce

Two years ago I was also eating salmon sprinkled with rosemary, lots of scrambled egg, avocados, Wow butter stuffed dates, and polenta, apparently.  Overnight oats featured as my weekday breakfast and now that my braces are out I have actually returned to this, mixing up 3 days at once with oats, milk, honey yogurt, seeds and berries.  

Another recipe that I really enjoyed that January in 2016 was smoked trout stuffed jacket potatoes  and so I intend to batch cook some soon.  

I will get back into the good habits.  Deliously Ella here we come again, oh and Slimming World, um, also Lean in 15.  


Last January saw me clearing out 125 items over the month, books, papers, clothes etc and I have the urge to purge yet again. On NYE  I actually did a recycling tip run  and threw out a car trunk load of electrical goods so I am feeling ahead on this one.  I will keep going though over 5 weekends.  Anyone want to join in?

This weekend it was the turn of the music and DVD library.  Last year I donated  25 CDS to a thrift store.  This year I was of a mind to donate the whole flipping lot.  Have you been this rash? Yes, I know it may be a bit too minimalist but we stream music now don't we!  Over the last 12 months I have not played a CD once.  Not once! Have you?   We don't even have a CD player except for in a laptop which is just too flimsy and poor sound, or the DVD player which we also haven't used and don't even have it plugged in to the TV.  I have however resisted being so minamilist, because we could always sit in the car to listen to a CD, haha.  Seriously though, there are car trips they might be useful for. 

Here is how I tackled my CD mountain.  

I first put aside my favourite CDs into a keeping pile, with the intention that they can always go to the car for journey music.  Everything else was going. (That was plan A, which was later abandoned but it was a good plan and may work for you.)  

I plugged the remaining  CDs one by one into MusicMagpie to get a price.  I was intending to sell those achieving over 20p and donate those below that price to charity.  My total for sale came to da-da-daaah a massive total of .................£6.03p.  What!  It just was not worth the effort of boxing and posting so a rethink was called for.  

My donate to charity pile remained a donate pile but I decided that the ones that were worth this mighty £6.03 should be kept afterall (plan B).  My reasoning was that if they were the relatively sought after CDs then I should be loud and proud  and  I should display them.  So I have.  Yes, they and my keep pile, are now on show on a shelf unit in the lounge instead of hidden in a dark draw of shame in a barely used dining room. And I can now easily browse and select one or two for playing in the car and  may even go as far as actually doing this.

Neatly displayed CDs and DVDs

Bonus tip - To make space on this shelf unit I did set Mr Him the task of clearing out any DVDs that he didn't want.  Sunday morining  saw us giving the charity shop a DODOF (donate one, donate one free) in that I donated CDs and he donated accompanying spacesaving DVDs.

So, in summary I have 

  • made my CDs accessible so I will actually use them
  • established that I was not sitting on a collection fortune by tapping the bar code on the back of the CDs into Magpie
  • donated to charity in the knowledge that I wasn't throwing away a fortune
  • decluttered CDs and DVDs that we do not want nor need
  • made space in the original dining room drawers for other clutter

off to charity

Well, that was better than last January's CD clear out, 25 pah!

No Spend January 

I am also on  a  non-essential spend January. Let's face it after my sales haul mentioned in my post on my new year purchases here  I need to. It's the yang to that yin. 
There's  not much to say here except I am not spending.

Do you have the itch to ditch?  If so how about going through your CDs and DVDs this week.  What else do you have an urge to purge?  Any ideas what I should tackle next?


  1. Well blogulations to you! Amazing feat on the clear out. I am not streaming music or Netflixing, I'm not clever like you. Hubbs and I have diverse music preferences so we do have a whole load of the stuff that ain't goin' nowhere. Who's going to buckle first?! And books, oh the books.

    I've been doing a bit of general decluttering in recent weeks, so subtle that it doesn't feel like I've been doing it. But I have.
    I'll try to keep tabs on it for January and report in, dearest. Hugs, x.

    P.s . Isn't a blog the best diary EVER?!!

  2. YES I'm in a decluttering and eating healthier mode!! Joining in!

  3. You are on track pretty lady! 2018 shall be a great year!

  4. Looks like some great goals! I need to declutter with you. 125 things a month sounds manageable! I'm going to try it!

  5. I do have the itch to ditch! We have stacks of dvds that should go to charity. I also have lots of hard back books, mostly new looking. The drawback with selling them was I had to box them up for collection. I try to offload them to charity shops, but they won't always take books. Re weight, my pattern is exactly the same as yours! I normally book a summer holiday and buy a bikini as forcing functions!

  6. I'm liking that Magpie idea. I didn't know it exsisted. andy considering we need a major clear out xx

  7. I have a charity pickup coming, so on a mission to root out some more clutter.


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