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Blogmas Part Seven - The Sales and New Year's Eve

Dear Fashionista

I just wanted to show you what I have bought in the post Christmas sales because for once I have included a few originally quite expensive pieces and the discounts are just too good to keep to myself.  I'm not selfish like that, haha. 

I also want to point out that I went shopping in the first place  for food  but somewhere on the high street my purpose appears to have been corrupted as I went home with a coat, 2 jumpers, jeans and an order receipt, plus the food. Oh, and some Duplo. I think it was around about Marks and Spencer. 

What did I buy?

Let's start with where did I buy?

Marks and Spencer

Cashmere jumper 

I decided it was time that I got on to the cashmere bandwagon and what better time than sale time.  To further convince me to part with me hard earned cash is the fact that this is  M&S washable cashmere!  Yes, washable.  The only sweater that I found in my size in store was a v-neck in blush, but I love it.  I'm now on the cashmere train with the rest of you.  

Here is the crew neck version of the jumper that I bought

M&S cashmere sweater

Ribbed polo neck

I have been  looking for a mustard sweater  for a while and, co-incidentally, a ribbed polo  at that.  Here is my dream sweater at a dream price.  It obviously found it's way into my trolley.

ribbed sweater

Mom jeans

Yes, mom jeans.  Because we aren't supposed to be wearing skinnies are we (according to IG and blogs), and flares didn't take off, or did they and I blinked.  Cropped mom jeans seem to be the next big jean 'thing' so sale time is a time for me to experiment. Although I am steadfastly still wearing skinnies.

These are the mom jeans that I have dabbled with  


Next stop on the highstreet...

Laura Ashley

The coat

This peacoat was waiting for me.  It was the only one in stock and as luck would have it it was my size.  It was fate, and it is grey.  Grey!   This coat wanted to be in my life and I was happy to accept at £65 reduced from £130, and, did you hear me,  in grey!  We all know how I love grey, except in my hair, yet. 


Is it a jacket?  Is it a cardigan?  This 'jackigan''  was not in store in my size.  When the sales assistant lured me with 'shall I look to see availabilty online?'  it was meant to have been out of stock there too so as I wouldn't be tempted but darn it, it was  available, and I darn well ordered it.  It will take a couple of weeks to arrive and we will see then whether I keep it. Lay your bets now.

 Laura ashely cardigan


Now here I grant you is an online site, but until I ventured out for food it was all that I bought in the sales, and I was proud of my restraint.  I had been yearning for these boots for a while so the price reduction was a signal, a signal to proceed to checkout, and that they were available in my petite 36 size.  What's not to like!

0317 elmworth shoes finery still life1661


Now, moving onto Blogmas proper.  Bluebird have started visiting my mother. On the second day I rang mum only to find that she was busy in the kitchen cooking for the careworker.  Yes! You read right. Mum thought she needed to cook the careworker lunch rather than the other way around.  I supposed that's a good sign as it has got her out of bed and active. Job done.  

On Friday Mr Him and I went to see Star Wars the Last Jedi.  I put together a casual outfit of navy, grey  and cream, and scruffy comfortable walking in the drizzle boots. Yes once again my feet were not making a statement other than 'hey, let's be practical here'.

New Year's eve saw us giving the dining room a binge clean, and tidy.  Although we had decorated earlier in the year the room had been piled with 'stuff.'  It was one of those rooms.  Do we all have one?  Anyway I am resolving that it won't be, anymore! 

Last year we had a group of friends over for drinks and used the dining room buffet style (notice the red walls.)


This year one couple are coming over and we are going to have a sit down meal in our fresh and light newly decorated room.  Very civilised!

Same room, different decor, different meal.

A bit of a sparse table setting - minimalist I suppose one could say

so I laid out some lights and felt very blog and instagram worthy 

It was a pleasant evening, one of those that bring hygge to mind.

I wore a black dress that everyone in the family insisted that I belted as they thought it was shapeless as an A line.  I didn't agree but was outvoted.

and my Kookytwo crystal necklace.


  1. Congratulations on the new pieces, especially those boots, the are fabulous and I will be looking forward seeing those on. Rachelle and I hit Goodwill when we left Michelle's on Saturday in Joplin so I think I will call it good. And you did more in New Year's Eve than us. Michael has been sick all week and we stayed in. When it's this cold, I really don't want to do much anyway (well, except read blogs). Right now it has warmed up to -11C and that's as warm as it's gittin'. Stay warm! P.S. let me reiterate how much I love those new boots!

  2. Wow, those boots! And that coat! Gerben went to see Star Wars on Friday too! I am not a fan. Happy New Year!

  3. I have stayed away from the mall and stores as I know I'd be picking up loads of bargains (and it's been too COLD to go out). You found some great pieces. I don't know if I can go back to mom jeans. eek! It looks like your new year is off to a great start!

  4. Fabulous shopping, Happy New Year!

  5. What fun to see your purchases!! Can we talk about those boots??? Fabulous in every respect!! I can't wait to see them on you!!
    Happy 2018

  6. I looked at the mustard sweater too! I don't think they had my size. I'm with you on the Laura Ashley sale, they have had some lovely items there. I got some lovely trousers and a gold glass photo frame. I don't believe there is a certain fashion for jans anymore and if there is then I will have to be out of fashion! I love my flares and bootcuts most. Finery is a brand I'm starting to look up. They have some lovely stuff and I love the boots.

    Happy new year to you Annmarie xx

  7. Some great shopping and some great hostesses! Hugs, x.

  8. You picked up some fab pieces in the sale, those boots are stunners. You look great in the black cold shoulder dress. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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