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What Should Two Style Bloggers Wear to the Theatre

When did ewe  you ,oh heck, ewe last go to the theatre? I haven't been for a good couple of years, yet London and Shaftesbury Avenue is on my doorstep! So when Gail of Is this Mutton suggested that the two Mouton graze a spot of lunch and then head off to see Mary Stuart at the Duke of York theatre I jumped at the chance.  It may be that two ewes would stand out in the circle so we joined the herd in the stalls. 

There was a bit of debate on attire, was wool too warm or would the theatre have such high air con that fleece would be perfect.  On the day the weather turned unseasonably mild so I went shorn of my yarn and wore acrylic. 

Do you ever base an outfit around one single item? I did. I was determined, absolutely adamant that I was going to wear statement boots....this time. You recollect my lack of said item  last time I was with Gail which I mentioned on on my post. Four Fashion Bloggers on the London Eye

This time my boots were on and I had no reason to feel sheepish.

Image showing finery elmworth boots against background of grass

Trousers were cropped and my feet dressed to dangle casually as I sat with my legs crossed at the restaurant waiting for Gail.

 My top was a grey Kettlewell Colours batwing tunic which complimented my snake print boots. 

image showing Marks and spencer bag and finery elmworth boots against a background of brick wall

On top I wore a leather Massimo Dutti jacket in a light caramel, again picking out the colour in the boots.   For warmth I added a burgundy scarf with silver strands.  I picked this up in December at Brighton Marina in a little gift shop. 

image showing styling Finery Elmworth boots

Trudging up to London entails carrying quite a bit so I used a largish bag. This is from Marks & Spencer in an oxblood type of colour. 

image showing styling Finery boots

You would be forgiven for thinking we may be going to see 'Mouton' Rouge, or perhaps

Maybe we the thought we were the

but yes, as it says,  in our dreams!

No, we were far more academic.  We saw a drama about Elizabeth I's dilema over her half sister Mary and the torment that she and Mary went through in those last few days.  Who should Elizabeth believe?  What would the ramifications be of executing a monarch?  Was Mary really guilty?  Who in her circle could she trust for impartial advice?  It was a rich drama from a small cast.  If you are a history buff and theatre goer do take a look at this play officiallondontheatre mary-stuart

At one time you did almost lose two UK style bloggers as we leaned over a balcony to take a pic, which I call a bit of an Abfab moment in its ridulousness, given our age.  We should know better. 

Before the play we popped in to Brontes just off Trafalgar square and had what we hoped was a relitively low calorie lunch,

and took advantage of a boots were made for walking photo opportunity.  I am really pleased at the effect here of taking a photo within a photo, even though I say it myself.



  1. Fab day out! Your boots stole the show.

    1. Looking forward to next time. It was a thought provoking play wasn't it.

  2. you look gorgeous, love the boots.

  3. The boots are gorgeous! I like the whole outfit. Can I have first choice on that jacket when you have tired of it please?!!

  4. What a fun yet cultural day. How lucky to be penned up with Gail for the day. You look baautiful, good choice of baaoot. I'm off to check whether the other mutton was wearing her woolly. Ovine and out! X.

  5. Oh fantastic! You two must have had a fab time!

  6. I thought with those boots you would be going to see Kinky Boots! :)

    1. That's a great film isn't it. I passed the play venue as you can see

  7. Ewe two are baa rmy or maybe just baa rking mad. your outfit...those boots are fab..

  8. Those boots are amazing! Love the whole outfit.Sounds like the perfect blogger day. The abfab moment cracked me up!

    1. Just typical of me really. As you know from my Anna blog

  9. I agree your boots are super, love an animal print. Looks like you and Gail had a wonderful time, glad you did. Have a lovely week Anna. x Jacqui

  10. What an awesome outing and oh my stars.....those boots! So fabulous!


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