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8 of my Beauty Products Reviewed February 2018

I've got a product blog for you today.  We all love those don't we.  Well, I do.  I like to know about product gems and the not so gems that others have found.   I have a pile of empties ready to be disposed of but before I send them to the recycling bin in the sky I thought I'd share my opinions with you.  

Alpha H Liquid Gold 

I've spoken of my love for this product  many times. I am a big fan of glycolic acid as an exfoliator and this is the one I've been using for a few years.  I know it works for me. How do I know?  I've had an image of my skin taken to look at the condition and it was clear to the technician that I do exfoliate, to the extent that that firm couldn't sell me any products.  Job done.  This is now available from M&S and we know that they did day that they aim to sell the best of the best, my words not theirs.

Gatineau throat gel 

Honestly I'm indifferent nowadays.  I can't see that it's doing anything special but I wouldn't not wear a throat cream of some sort.  I'm on the hunt for one that will show me a noticeable difference, and I don't think this is it.

Prai Throat and Décolletage 

Ditto above. I started this pot after finishing the Gatineau tube but decided again that it wasn't making a difference but also it was a bit old and had started to fall in from the edges in the pot. I had had it lurking in a cupboard far too long.  

The reviews for this and Gatineau are good on QVC.  Maybe I expect too much. Moving on in my hunt for neck cream nirvana I do have  Dr Dennis Gross neck emulsion  now on the go. For my décolletage I'm using Gold Bond Ultimate which was recommended by many women on a US Facebook group I belong to.  I ordered it from Amazon but can't see this particular one available in the UK at the moment.  US readers should find this readily available at a reasonable price though.   It's a very nourishing moisturiser and my skin feels good but I'm still waking needing to be steam ironed, if you know what I mean. 

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser

It cleans and I do prefer a wash cleanser so this has been a repeat purchase in the past  but I've started using his Neuropeptide facial cleanser and I prefer that for my older skin. It's creamier. Simples.

Timebomb Night Cream 

I wouldn't not buy this again.  It's rich and does the job.  But look! I thought I'd finished the tube but I was tempted to cut it open as I'd seen IG friends doing this.  A good 2 weeks worth it turns out was still inside and not squeezing out. There be a lesson all, cut open your tubes, as it were. 

UTan for the face 

I loved this. A moisturising facial self tanner.  This can is a couple of years old and I tended to use it in the summer. The only reason it's not a repeat buy is because I'm using tanning drops that are added to my normal face products now.

Lasting liner eyeliner from Bare Minerals 

Love love love.  I've had a set of all colours and I'm now on my last in my stockpile. I love this to the extent I've  have been scouring online sites and Debenhams in store to no avail. I finally found just one colour available from Bare Minerals' own site. One colour, don't care, I bought 3 of that one colour.  That will keep me going until I find another dream liner. 

Why do I like this eyeliner? Because it goes on easily, is easy for tight lining, and I don't look like this at the end of the day. 

However before I went scouring for more I did try another brand that I'd abandoned and discovered why I'd abandoned.  Because I did look like this at the end of the day.

Charcoal Face Mask 

Segueying nicely from the above here's a treat for you as hubs bought this and tried it as it was meant to remove dry skin.  

His review was that it was not effective for removing his dry skin. He was still flaky after he'd peeled it off.  It's now been donated to our 23 year old who likes charcoal masks but has other needs from a mask.


  1. First up, great post.
    Second up, Mr Him - priceless!

    I've been cutting my tubes since I was a youngster, can't imagine not doing.
    AM, I just use my same moisturiser for face neck and decollete and I use the cheapest I find in Boots, usually Simple.
    Yes, I'm a cheapskate.

    How can the Prai be a bit old, it's says "ageless" on the tub :-)

    What's the brand of those tanning drops? I'm intrigued.

    Happy weekend, sweet lady, x.

  2. I always cut my tubes too - I hate wasting money and product. Such a good tip!

  3. Cutting tubes??? Why didn t I think of that! And I need some ironing too!😂😂

  4. Perfect timing, I'm looking for a new cleanser. Will check out that Perricone. The Alpha H looks good too. Yes, long term cutter of plastic tube skincare packets. Amazing how many more WEEKS of product you can still find inside.

    SSG xxx

  5. When you find that working neck cream do let me know! Well done to the hubs for taking part!
    Laurie xx

  6. I love reading your reviews. I'm going to look for some of these products that sound good!


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