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A Week in February In Oufits and Exhaustion

Goodness February has been exciting.  The month began with a trip to Canary Wharf.  Although I was visiting for business I thought I'd put a bit of fun into my outfit and wore a new sale shirt from Boden.  This is the classic shirt with London scenes adorning it.

Well I thought it was appropriate!

On Friday we had curry with good friends at our new very plush village Indian restaurant, the Tamasha.   There's even a TV on the floor.  How cool is that!  Especially for a picture postcard English village, with a duck pond I might add.

A bit of Bollywood going on I think. Also racy for a duck pond village!

The meal here is  always amazing and after the popadum course I forget to take pictures due to the  gastronomic sensations. 

I wore a tunic that is a bit of a winter go to for me and my pleather jeans finished with the M&S block heeled boots that I bought in the Autumn.

The next day I went on a  shopping trip with Laurie from . When I meet up with blogger friends we tend to talk 10% blog and the rest the general life stuff going on. We're similar women with similar issues, aging parents, adult offspring, wrinkles, and a love for friendship and clothes. 

Laurie showed me the Estee Lauder counter and introduced me to foundation colour matching.  I hadn't realised that was possible.  I left with a sample of foundation to try. 

Laurie showed herself boots for a try on. 

I showed Laurie caps but she didn't buy.  I, however, did. 

image showing zara bakerboy cap

I like this warm yellow Tshirt with the cap.  Rather different for Zara I thought. 

Work wise I spoke to some 19 year old students from Chicago who were attending Boston University in London for a month.  Are you confused yet?  I was.    Boston University has an outcrop in London, apparantly. 

I thought the building very Boston actually.  The students must feel at home don't you think?

I  had an amazing Valentines day with a treat from Bonmarche as they used me in a shoot for their summer magazine.  What an experience! A whole studio and resources for me as the 'subject.'  I'll be writing more on this in another blog. It deserves it's own. But meanwhile, here is a taster, an out-take in which I discover cheek bones. 

And that was one week! I'm exhausted writing it!


  1. Oh wow - an official shoot! Fabulous.

    Thanks also for your photos of London. Travel inspiration for me.

    SSG xxx

  2. What an amazing and exciting week for you!!

  3. You have been busy! I had such a fun day shopping with you Annemarie! The time flew though didn't it?
    I'm looking forward to reading that Bonmarche post.
    Laurie xx

  4. I met with another blogger yesterday! Isn t that so soch fun to meet with peers!

  5. Gosh, girl, you've hit the big time. Blogger shopping, magazine modelling, what next?!! Love the cheekbones, now why don't I get them when I pout ...? Hugs, x.

  6. Sounds like a great week! My husband loves curry. The tv on the floor is very interesting, haven't seen that before. Shopping with a friend sounds delightful!

  7. Wow, Anna, what a month you have had! So many exciting things! I love that you and Laurie went shopping together. How fun is that to shop with a blogger friend? And your adorable red cap looks almost identical to one I just picked up a few weeks ago. Great minds share great taste! I look forward to your Bonmarche post. That is super exciting. Congratulations on that experience.


  8. Sounds like you have had busy and fun week. Love your Boden Shirt :) Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  9. Oh, sounds like you had a fabulous time Anna, nothing better than shopping for clothes and makeup. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui


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