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5 Red Blazers to Wear Now

What do Madam Secretary and The Duchess of Windsor have in common? 

Kate Middleton Wore a Red Blazer and Polka Dots Last Friday : Lucky Magazine.  I love her sense of style. Gotta get me a red blazer.

They both rock red blazers.  In fact isn't true red a colour that we can all rock? Or so I've heard.    And what better way then a blazer.  

I have two red blazers and wear them mostly for work. Why I don't know.  What a waste! I have to fix that and get them into my casual wear rotation. My two jackets are coincidentally both from Precis and both over 6 years old.  I have to say that when I wear them to a lunch or dinner for work I do feel good amongst the sea of black.  Now an anecdote so grab a latte.

A few years ago I went to a formal lunch for business women in London.  It was a large affair with 40 tables.  I decided to wear a black dress and red jacket.  Typically the room was a sea of black but there were dots of red as a few had done the same as I.  It came to coffee and I went to the ladies.  On walking in the restroom I found that it contained all the ladies in black dresses and red blazers.  They had been talking about it as I walked in so on my arrival, also in a red blazer and black dress, they looked at me and  all burst out in laughter. I have never made an entrance like that I can tell you. I wondered what I had on...spinach on my nose, chocolate around my eyes, confit in my hair!

Anyway let's move on. I've scoured the Internet and found a few red blazers and jackets for you. There is also Dorothy Perkins on Amazon but I can't link that as it defaults to my account.

Go buy, wear and enjoy dear Fashionista. 

First up Precis

Next LovedRobe available at JD Williams

Image showing LovedRobe red blazer

Oh, I'm crushing this next one, but sitting on my hands.  I have sourced these for you not me.

image showing joanna hope lace trim biker jacket at JD Williams
Source JD Williams

joanna-hope-lace-up-trim-biker-jacket at JD Williams

We have to include good old M&S

 image showing M&S gold button jacket in red

source Marks and spencer

Baukjen is popular in the UK.

Aughton Blazer in [colour] | BAUKJEN UK


Once you have your red blazer then how about mixing it with a breton and patterend scarf.  This is a scarf depicting shoes.  Hey it works!

image showing red jacket with striped top outfit

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  1. It sure works! I don t own a red jacket! But I do have a red cardigan, I am going to wear it like that! Love it!

  2. I have a red jacket and I love to wear it with denim, you better get yours out and wear it this weekend! Ha! Love the story, that's some entrance!

  3. Polka dots , stripes the print scarf You mixed with the stripes all strong enough to work well with the clear solid colour . Good Job. I believe red has always been considered a power colour.

  4. I'm liking the look of the JD williams blazer. It's on my wish list!
    Laurie xx

  5. Love the red jacket! Great post!

  6. I love the double breasted jackets from JD Williams and M&S. I do have one red jacket but I'm sure I could make room for another one :-) I really like how you've styled yours with the striped top and scarf. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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