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Cream jumper -the Staple of this Winter

Do you know, last winter I hardly wore a cream jumper, this winter one has been my fall back.  I can't say why.  Maybe some new items in my closet, such as this one from M&S that I bought in the Autumn.

image showing M&S funnel neck jumper
 M&S funnel neck jumper  sadly out of stock

Then there's my Gap jumper that I bought 2 years ago, wore a lot and then last winter didn't touch.  This winter its been a staple for me once again.  Why do we do that?  Love them, forget them, then love them again.

This is the same Gap jumper but now with grey jeans and a Dune leopard print scarf (from 2 years ago),  and burgundy bag being shown some love in January. 

image showing gap cream jumper with Dune leopard print scaft

As we enter February and a cold spell I am back to where I started, in my newish M&S chunky funnel jumper for a casual meal out with my inlaws.

I added a red belt to add interest as I wasn't wearing jewellery.  My snake print Finery boots made an appearance and I used a grey bag again to keep patterns and colours to a minimum  and I was maintaining the tone. Black would have been too heavy.

image showing styling of M&S funnel neck jumper

This time I topped the outfit with a very old John Rocha jacket from Debenhams. 

image showing styling of finery elmworth boots with M&S funnel neck jumper

jeans  out of stock but browse high waisted skinny. I've rolled mine uo


  1. I found out through our Bad Buy series, that I really should not wear off white in my face. But I still like it, especially the last photo. With the red coat it looks very nice!

  2. I love a cream sweater and you've made some great choices here. I absolutely ADORE that last photo, so stylish! Hugs, x.

  3. I just got a cream sweater and I have one from last year too. They both are open weave though so it's too cold for them at the moment. Brrr! Yours are all very stylish and cozy looking!

  4. I've lived in a Primark Stone coloured sweater all winter! It's just so warm and cosy! I love how you have styled your jeans in the last photo. I've been toying wit the idea but being short in the legs deterred me. Proof is here that petites can wear this way. Perfect with the boots too
    Laurie xx

  5. This kind of sweater is so versatile, but I know what you mean...sometimes they get forgotten. Too many little time!!

  6. I DESPERATELY love a cream sweater, especially like that fuzzy funnel neck one you have! I have a heck of a time finding one in my size, but...I Will Never Give Up the Search!

    Loving your last outfit, the cream sweater with the red coat - lovely!

    This is my first time visiting your blog, I saw you on Debby/Fashion Fairy Dust's weekly link-up!



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