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How did my January Goals Go and The Most LIke Instagram Outfits

Dear Fashionista 

I've noticed this morning that I'm no longer leaving the house in the dark.  Soon I'll be able to take my morning instagram photos back in my hall and gone will be trying to manage in the gloom of a dark morning bedroom.  Talking of which here are my most popular instagram outfits in January. 

These two received the most likes for office outfits

And these two for weekend wear 

image showing burgundy cap outfit

image showing how to style Finery snakeprint boots outfit

See how my weekend wear is posed a la flop, whereas office wear poses are held up by the attire in a structured way, haha.

My instagram is   mutton_style  btw.  You do follow  don't you?

Let's update you on my blogalutions, or goals to normal people. 


Finally after spending an evening studying BMR calculations I think I have a formula that works for me. Did you know that there are two formulas.  The one that seems most commonly known was generated in 1919. However, in 1990 a rising star appeared.  A new, and thought by someto be more accurate, formula hit the diet scene. I have now used this formula as my base then added on my activity level calories.  I have lost 2lb and it took me to my end January target. (As I write though I haven't yet lost more. It's still a slow slog but I hope will be steady.)  Here's a link to the 1990  version .

I'm keeping up my gym activity by using cross trainers, bikes and treadmill 2 times a week plus an aerobics class on a Sunday.  I think the mix is giving me a reasonable variety and as it's all in for the price I might as well use it. Mr Him is still going but on different days and he has joined a weigh in challenge that the gym are running (do you like that, running, haha, oh forget it)  for 6 weeks.  Actually the whole family are now members but we don't seem to be there at the same times.  Oldest daughter says it's deliberate.   I believe her!  She found our outfits before we felt the commitment and  bought gym gear cringeworthy.  The upshot is that generally there is one member of the family at least wandering around in leggings and lycra. Who would have thought! We were not that family a year ago.  None of us did activity.  Oldest daughter is now running mini marathons too.  She did her first of the year last Sunday at Goodwood.  Yes, she's that good, a motor circuit, haha.

On to clothes.  Do you recollect that last January I bemoaned not having a sparkly jumper to wear to my favourite local bar. I mentioned it on my post  another-sunday-look-for-my-denim-shirt..  Well on the theme of improvements I had,  just had, to attend to a glass of wine in said bar in a sparkly jumper this January. So I did.  Another improvement ticked.

image showing wearing Tu grey jumper

I think that's my January improvement blogalutions  or goals done. 
Leopard print and burgundy better ways  -tick
Weight 1lb less than a year ago -tick
Sparkly jumper accompanying wine in bar -tick
Declutter- pretty well depleted my CD collection and also paper piles  -tick 

Role on February 


  1. Looks like 2018 is off to a great start for you!

  2. What a successful month! Congratublogulations. I'm absolutely loving the new flop pics and I can't work out why, maybe attitude, maybe edgy? Oh I don't know, just love the positions, the outfits ... and the brick (invokes memories of childhood visits to the UK rellies). Happy weekend, hugs x.

  3. I'm liking the sparkly jumper. Do the sleeves fit well? And where is it from? I also like you in that Baker Boy hat. It looks way better on you than it did me!
    Laurie xx

  4. I love the sparkly jumper! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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