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My Day Modelling for Bonmarche

As I mentioned a few post back, I was lucky enough to be invited  to be a makeover volunteer for Bonmarche (pronounced Bon-marsh-eh) recently.  This was a few months in the planning but Valentines Day, was The day. In fact I told my husband that his valentines was a date with a model.  He was so excited, until I turned up at the pub in the evening. Anyway that's another story. 

image showing Bonmarche summer dress set

The studio was in Wapping in East London.  I caught the overground from Clapham Junction then Google mapped  (I'm using that as a verb) my way to Cherryduck studio,

 but first a coffee.

It was rather daunting to find that the studio had been booked for the day complete with crew just to photograph me.  

My dauntness didn't last long.  The team were friendly and welcoming and after 5 minutes of being unnerved  I dived into hair and make up and interrogation.  By me I add quickly. 

Questions bounced off my lips as Nadine stripped off my existing layer of feminine camouflage. What undereye concealer was she going to use on me?  Are you really mixing two shades?   (Yes). Do I really need to use a brow pencil if I'm brow surfeit (hairy), and the answer was, yes, again.   I was shown how Charlotte Tilbury bronze made  my green eyes green, and I have since bought some.

Mark Heyes  chose 3 outfits for me.  One, a beautiful green summer day dress with a leaf design, was too big sadly.  (It was a 22 and I'm a 10.)  Ever the instinctive professional he whipped together an alternative outfit of polkadot playsuit and cardigan,  which I fell in love with. 

image showing Mark Heyes and Muttonstyle
I wil be buying this when it comes into store  - the playsuit not the man!!  I don't think they have plans to sell him

A vast number (100s) of pictures were taken of each outfit in a variety of poses but only 3 will be used in the store's summer magazine, which incidentally comes out in May.  However I do have permission to give you this unofficial behind the scenes. 

I kept being told to straighten my head :)

image showing Bonmarche maxi dress set summer 2018

There are definitely some items coming in the summer from Bonmarche that I will be getting. The playsuit for one.  There is also a chic navy sheath dress that caught my eye and a blush cardigan with a sheen. 

Bonmarche show that elegance doesn't have to come at a price.  So much so that I purchased this blouse in store this week for  £6. Lucky me. A sale bargain. Pop in and grab it whilst its still available.

image showing cream lace blouse outfit

It was freezing when I took this pic but all for the cause.  I wanted to show this lovely sheer blouse with my baggy mom jeans and I chose my tapestry boots.  Black boots were too heavy for this blouse.  See how it ties at the neck.  So much the romantic trend. 

Then you know me, more the natural so I've now shown the tie at the neck undone.

image showing Finery boots and bonmarche lace outfit

When I visited the store last week to look at current stock I did get a sense of a club.  The shop staff were friendly and customers persuaded me that I needed the club scheme.  Yes, all they need is a coffee bar and the clientele could be exchanging outfit  ideas over a frappe latte cinnamon chai without sugar flatwhite in no time.

Bonmarche currently are running a Who wears the Trousers campaign.  My blogger friend Laurie of Vanityandmestyle has done a piece on it here.

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  1. You must buy the Khaki and Pink Anna! All outfits look amazing on you. I'm so jealous too, would love to meet Mark Heyes!
    As I stated in the post, Bonmarche is one of my most worn high street brands. Thank you for including my post.

    Laurie xx

  2. What an honour! You look amazing. Well done.

    SSG xxx

  3. Wow! Congretulations! How fantastic is that! Next time I am in the UK I will find a Bonmarche.

  4. What a wonderful experience! Like a Queen for a day - all those people primping and photographing you - I cannot even imagine what that was like! I'll bet your husband was thrilled to see the supermodel he's known for years show up as his Valentine.

  5. You look gorgeous in the outfits! So fun being a model for the day!! Thank you for bringing us along!

  6. You have been talent spotted!
    What an amazing experience. I'd be terrified (not that I would ever be picked from the crowd!) but you, my dear lady, are a natural, a true model.
    And so pretty in ALL your outfits, at the photoshoot and at home.
    Well done, x.

  7. Oh, my gosh! How fun was that day?! You look stunning in everything, sweetheart!

  8. WOW! You look absolutely amazing! Love every outfit they chose for you. What a fun experience!

  9. He can share with his work buddies that he spent Valentine's Night with his model . Love that terminology you have for coffee . You looked great did they change your polish . Enjoy

  10. Well this must have been a super day, you also look very stylish and I reckon should get all the outfits. I missed out to go visit Bonmarche for a shoot recently because I was away on holiday! Such a shame I missed out. x Thanks so much for sharing your special day. x

  11. Soooo cool and you look like a breath of fresh Spring air!!! LOVE these looks on you pretty lady!

  12. What an amazing day. You also got to meet Mark too, have amazing :):)


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