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A Bathroom or Two Makeover

So, dear followers, today I am posting something a little different, little being the operative word.  I am writing about a couple of  small rooms, my bathroom and my shower room to be exact and their makeovers.   Over the last 7 years I have desperately been trying to declutter our ensuite shower room.  I eventually decided that the issue isn't us, it's that we don't have cupboards in there!  Not one.  Not even under the sink!

The builder put in pedestal sinks which a carpenter once told us was impractical for a cupboard to be built around.  A wall cabinet was also impractical as we didn't have a free wall.  One wall has the toilet and sink, another a floor to ceiling heated towel rail, another a shower cubicle the span of the wall and another a window. 

My answer a couple of years ago was to buy a ladder shelf.  

I was delighted with this as it was a vast improvement on the crate that we had been using.  (On a side note our clutter has grown rather since that picture in the post referenced was taken 2 years ago...ooops, bad us.)

But a few weeks ago I found a neater solution.  Yes, a cupboard, finally. Also from Amazon Colonial cupboard.    This one fits nicely under the windowsill.  Job done.  The only issue is that we do have to keep bending down and interestingly on reading my post here  bending down was one of the things we had tried to avoid when choosing the ladder unit.  Hmmm, time will tell whether that will be a problem for our mid years bodies. 

Moving on quickly, I also bought a new bath mat from Primark (and this is currently in stock)

as our old, and fondly loved, one from America in (Bed Bath and Beyond) had seen better days.  I was sorry to lose this souvenir from our trip to Hilton Head Island but we still have the memories, for as long as they last (mid years life problems.)

Mr Him also took an online facebook gamble and bought two of these shower heads  .  I can feel that the water is softer and if nothing else they are a rather cool look aren't they.  They are a sealed unit so it doesn't appear possible to change the balls only but at just shy of £20 I suppose it can be replaced annually if necessary.  I imagine the balls detiorate over time. 

Now, for the main family bathroom.  We finally decided to add a shower tap to the bath as we were fed up with the mid twenty year olds using our ensuite (honestly we had expected them to have moved out by now but...)  

This meant tiling the walls too.  We chose wooden shack affect tiles.  Have you seen these?  

They are the current tile trend but I am hoping that its a trend that will be current for a good 10 years and so we won't look dated when we sell the house.

The base tiles are the white original ones around the bath that would have been too complicated to remove, and we wouldn't be able to match them.  We also needt to buy a shower door as well as the shower head unit and tap

The helpful assistant in our local tile shop recommended the wood shack affect as a contrast.  I rather liked the idea of hubster showering in a shed and Miss 23 could pretend it was a beach hut so I went along with the idea eagerly.

I added a nemo bathplug as a fashionista accessory.

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  1. I like to have a nose around bloggers's bathrooms! Looks very trendy and crisp. Hope to do a bit of decorating this year.

  2. I have noticed the wood- look tiles a lot lately and I really like the effect. Looks great on the walls and yes, sort of gives a beachy effect. Your little Nemo is very cute too! Nice update!

  3. Those tiles are fabulous! Storage is a big problem in our house too, I may have to look online at that unit you bought ....

  4. I love those woodgrain look tiles! What fun transformations!

  5. What a transformation! Well done, darling, you've sourced some good things here. And I just love the tiles, so modern. Now, could you tell me where you got your large shells from? I'd like some and some coral too. Anyway, you must be so pleased with the work, and that your shower is your own in the mornings now! Hugs x.

  6. Those tiles are gorgeous and make the shower seem so modern!!!

  7. I like the tiles above the bath. Great job!
    Laurie xx


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