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Introducing Boho Betty

It seems mothers, lunches and bracelets are like the number 9 bus.  They come along all together.  This time the mother was my mum.  The lunch was me taking her out for her birthday and the bracelet, well let me introduce you to BohoBetty UK site   and  BohoBetty USA site

Following my boho look a few weeks ago I wanted to try layered bracelets and keep that vibe going.    This set from Boho Betty would be perfect.  It is comprised of one long elasticated turquoise strand that is wrapped twice around the wrist plus one silver shade  bracelet with a charm.  I can see it being perfect for the summer, can't you. I can just envision it with a white shirt for work with the sleeves rolled up, or accessorising short sleeved Ts.   I think you will see me showing this frequently in future posts.   I apologise now, no I don't.  

The jewellery arrived beautifully boxed  and carefully wrapped around a cushion

For my outing with  my mother  I decided that I wanted to  try the jumper tucked into a pleated skirt look which has been banded around instagram the past two winters.  Ideally in my head it would have been a chunky knit but after the snow I optimistically put my chunky knits away and  the first sweater that I came across in my drawer was this light beige H&M basics.  It works.  Do you buy the basics?  I think they are very good value.  Zara basics are too.  Anyway I'm off track. 

image showing pleated skirt and booties outfit

This skirt was a sale bargain from Sainsbury's last year.  £6 I think.  A versatile number, not 6, but the skirt!  I wore it in the summer with a rose blouse if you remember here . 

I added a turquoise pendant from Accessorize  (although linked below is a perfect Boho Betty tassel pendant that would work really well with this type of outfit).  My bag was my Boden leather boho like bag that is second loved.

image showing Boho Betty bracelet

However there is still something missing from the outfit.  A completer.   Would it be her?

Well, although she colour co-ordinates nicely I was thinking more  of a jacket. 

 I chose my few years old Massimo Dutti leather jacket as it was in keeping with my outfit colour scheme. 

image showing pleated skirt and boots outfit

I was pleased with the camel and teal look I had going on here.  The skirt and bracelet complimented each other I think, hope.   I had kept the look to two colours. 

image showing boho betty bracelet

The prima donna (not me)  insisted on another photo op, and so did her brother, the Collie at my feet.  Although there are shadows as the sun is low in the sky I did like this pic.  

image showing teal skirt outfit and shadows
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Off to lunch.  I do like gastropubs, good food and the ambiance sells them to me too.  Unlike the chain restaurants a good gastropub is worthy of dressing up for isn't it.  

Worthy of my new love of bracelets.

I had a wonderful homemade steak and ale pie 

followed by a pavlova.

Boho Betty are a British jewellery brand which was started in 2012 with the aim of "creating a contemporary, high quality, globally inspired accessory line at affordable prices" .    I think they achieved that don't you.  

My current picks from the UK site  are 
Lake Baikal 3 Layered Bracelet Stack

Luskentyre 3 Layered Bracelet Stack

Zabriskie Point 3 Layered Bracelet Stack

Laga Tan Necklace with Flat Stone Pendant

Tefnut Grey Tassel Necklace

Boho Betty also are available on Amazon and various other online sites.  

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  1. Oh Pavlova!!!!😱😱😱😱😱 So delicious! Anyway, I love the way you styled the skirt with those fantastic ankle boots and the bracelets are very pretty!

  2. Love those bracelets, anything with a boho vibe has my heart! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the bracelets and that tassel necklace too. I love all things boho. That pleated skirt was perfect for lunch and I loved your "accessories"!

  4. Wonderful outfit, love that leather jacket Anna, also lovely to see your little dog. xx Thanks for sharing on my linkup today #chicandstylish you surely are my friend. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  5. Love the look . Combining your pieces a very affordable and trending way to achieve style . Great fur family . Enjoy your posts

  6. Beautiful outfit! And your lunch looks delicious!

  7. Lovely outfit, but my favourite piece has to be that fabulous jacket - gimme, gimme, gimme!

    Have a great week!
    Anna x


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