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Continental Drift Link up Launch

Wecome to our Continental Drift linkup! The reason we are  dabbling at a link up was that we thought that there are so many genre of bloggers out there that we could learn from that we decided to gather a knowledge and lifestyle share in one place once a month. On the first of the month we will host the Continental Drift. 

The concept for myself and my fellow hosts ( Bojana of Bodaciousblog , Sydney Shop Girl ) is that we, the hosts, write a post about our life or life in general on our continent/Country/state over the past month (hence the name) and our favourite thing from the month. You as a linker can post on any family friendly topic that you like be it DIY, cooking, sewing, crafts, lifestyle, de-cluttering, RVing across Mexico or Alaska, moving house, fashion, style, beauty, make up. Your hosts to this linkup come from UK, Canada and Australia. 

Well, I'm from the UK so it falls upon me to write on my life here.  March has been the month when the cold war seems to have started once again. We are living a John Le Carre novel. The news every single day features the latest update on the poisoning of the former Russian spy and his daughter. 

Now I am sure that you have not delved into my blog for the life and times of James Bond or George Smiley so let's quickly move on but I would be interested to know whether this is in your daily news. 

Early March saw southern England, where I live, first see winter this year. Goodness knows why we are so out of sync but finally I was able to get into those warm jumpers and boots and kick that fluffy white stuff around a bit. Yes we had the arrival of the Beast from the East, and no, she is not the Beast from the East.  

The Beast from the East was not the poisoning episode either however apt.  It is the fond name we gave a snow storm that came from Siberia at the beginning of the month. 
It was my perfect opportunity to carry a kettle outside, which of course has to be done! 

March also sees Mothering Sunday in the UK or known more commonly now as Mother's Day. Yes we have to be different don't we! Now Mother's day brings me back to the beginning of this story, Zizzi, for wasn't it in Zizzi that John Le Carre re-visited started in March in the UK!

My oldest  daugher decided to take me out to lunch for Mothers Day and booked the Zizzi Mother's Day special (goodness there could be bad taste jokes galore, but I will refrain.)   One of my reader's the lovely Pouting Pensioner was quite horrified that I was in Zizzi a week after it's name was all over the news but then realised it was a chain of restaurants.

I also took my mother out for lunch so I am wrapping those two events as one for my favourite thing.  It was special to be taken out by my daughter of course but equally special was taking my mother out.  She has Neutropenia which is a non-existant immune system so as she says a cold could kill her in a week. She was very depressed after the diagnonsis and lived in bed.  I organised social care once a day for her and that motivates her to get up and dressed and so on every day.  So for her to enjoy a meal out and glass of wine is special.   

Mother's Day in the UK is actually Mothering Sunday and 3 weeks before Easter.  It is the day that apprentices and servants were allowed home to visit their mothers in centuries past.  I understand that before that it was a day for visiting the 'Mother Church' but we are going back to the 16th century. 

We've also seen the clocks go forwards and its lovely arriving home in daylight I have to say.

Now please do follow each of your hosts Bojana of Bodaciousblog , Sydney Shop Girl and Mutton Style  on at least one platform (Instagram, Twitter or blog)and comment on their blogs.  It would be great if you could read and comment on the blog above yours in the link up.  You might make a new friend. Please also do add a link back to our blogs on your posts  to help the linkup grow. 

Please pop over to see how Bojana of Bodaciousblog and  Sydney Shop Girl have spent March on their continent.

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  1. Hello lovely ladies! What a lovely idea, avond do interesting to read about you're daily life's! Ie Syrian you ask a Happy Easter! Greets from the Netherlands.

  2. Yay!! We're live. I'm really enjoying reading about all our daily lives around the world.

    SSG xxx

  3. We did it!!! Well done on the organizing front. I really enjoyed learning about Mothering Sunday. I kind of like that we all have our own little traditions around the world. I was sad to read about you mom. That's Extremely difficult and it's heartbreaking to see the ones we love struggle with the curves balls life throws them. I am sure she appreciated the time with you.

    1. She's currently adding wine to her online shopping. she might as well:)

  4. How timely in that my post today is about sewing, Kansas City's Powell Garden and Rightfully Sewn, my favorite KC non-profit.

    Congratulations ladies, I wish you the best of success.

  5. Got here in the end! Just like the vlog is late too! Happy Easter & congrats on the link up.
    Laurie xx

    1. I enjoyed your Vlog. Thanks for taking us on your clothing journey

  6. Congrats on the new link up! I'll add it to my "Where I link up " page :-)

    Emma xxx

  7. This is great! I will be joining in, when I have worked out what I need to do as I have not yet joined any Linky's!
    Michelle xx

    1. you just press the blue button at the bottom of my post

  8. I love this idea and will try to share something more valuable than going dotty in the future...going to check your partners blogs...

  9. Congrats on the linkup. Do you want a free listing of your linky in my fashion linkup directory?

  10. Hi! I've just discovered this linkup - I'm from England - it's great to meet you! x

  11. Anna, what a great link up! I have been wanting more open ended link ups to add to my list because I feel like many of them are limited to just fashion and I don't write just about fashion, as you know! So thank you for this fun link up. I have already added it to my Fabulous Link Ups page!


  12. What a wonderful way to meet new women!! Thanks for hosting Anna!!

  13. Congrats on the idea. I think it is really amazing and nice to meet new bloggers. Thanks for hosting Anna. xo Sabina

  14. Great idea, AM, and love that jacket and the great pic of it . Looking pretty super, twin! Hugs, x.


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