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Elemis Biotec Therapy

Today I'm talking about my first Elemis Biotec facial.  I'm not usually one for facials as I exfoliate and use masks at home so basically I'm a cheapskate I think I'm giving myself a facial in my bathroom  routinely.  However, the electronic pulse facial is something different isn't it?  I can see the logic of those charges exercising the facial muscles and toning away the slack.  

I booked an appointment with my local salon Zen Serenity in Haywards Heath (near the station so convenient for the train if you fancy a visit from London or Brighton .)

Sarah has been in the facials business for many years and on opening her new salon chose Elemis above the other suppliers for her products and facials.  She has a great belief in the combination of the manual product based massage facial with the technology facial approach that is available together in one treatment from Elemis.

The biotec machine has 5 treatment settings to cover a variety of facial sins.  The therapist would use a combination depending on the 'concern'.  Mine was is wrinkles. You can read more on Elemis and the Biotec options here.   Sarah explained to me that Galvanic is used to lock in moisture, red and blue light therapy is to stimulate collagen and elastine in the skin, microcurrent is antiaging and gives the muscles a work out addressing fine lines and lifting the gowl area, oxygen therapy is plumping and hydrating and ultrasonic is a gently form of microdermabrasion.  (I hope I have that correct).   As I was having an anti aging treatment I had microcurrent, light and oxygen therapy during my session. 

I popped into a warm bed (yes an electric blanket keeps you snug in Zen Serenity

and had the traditional cleanse .  Pro-collagen cleansing balm was used and oh boy did that give my nose a sense sensation.  It has a gorgeous scented but fresh aroma. When I am out of cleansers I may well find that popping into a shopping basket, just for the smell alone!  

Then came the probes which delivered a current to get those facial muscles of mine woken up and start the process of toning (yes it will take a few months. Mine are lazy whatsinames).    I commented that there didn't appear to be much action going on.  My skin wasn't doing a zumba exactly.  Sarah explained that the under eyes are very delicate so there can't be too much 'action' as you don't want to  drag around there.  I have to say my skin looked clearer and plumped, even toned for the work out though.  What did it feel like?  A slight tingling but not unpleasant at all. 

Then I was given light therapy via pulsesof red and blue light to minimise lines.  Finally the machine delivered had oxygen via little puffs which pushed oxygen and the Elemis pro-collagen marine cream into my skin. 

Sarah then gave me a facial massage with the Elemis products. 

Elemis are obviously global and the treatments that I have described were recommended for my skin.  I have now booked a course.  

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  1. Have always loved Elemis products and facials so this sounds like one to try. Your skin's looking great in the pics.

  2. That sounded amazing. Especially the heated bed and facial massage!

  3. Ohhhhhh this sounds marvelous!!! I love the idea of a real facial! Such pampering!

  4. You will love the difference that this course will make. Microcurrent makes a huge difference. I use the Slendertone face at home. It's like a home system that does the same thing. Not sure if you've seen the post but it's very good.
    Laurie xx

  5. Your skin always looks very Glasless. I am going to the estheticiene next week for the first time in years!

  6. Your skin looks lovely in the pics and the treatment sounds like a real 'treat', thank you for the description as i do find things fascinating when it comes to facials and skin care! After the microcurrent, it must have felt so good to have the relaxed facial with the products, and it sounds very calming as well.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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