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February Round Up of Instagram Favourites and Outings

Okay, where did February go?  One minute I was posting my January January goals and outfits and the next it's March!   So before this month runs away too I am quickly going to update on my goals, outings and my Instaoutfit favs of February.  

Firstly the most liked office outfits were

and for casual the following two were most highly rated.

image showing styling of buffalo plaid shirt oufit

I'm mentioning these outfits as my theory is that if they have 'likes' they would be good prompts for you, dear reader, if you want to work your wardrobe.

Onto the goals.

My diet is  still on track after its rocky start in January.  I'm losing about 1lb every 10 days and so is hubs so do take note of my tricks mentioned last month. And this is despite having my birthday and a lovely meal out with my family.

I am keeping up the gym activity.  Yes I'm surprising even me!  LBT is legs, bums and tums class by the way. 

This rather amused me in February.  Sky TV  trying to be  funny, haha.

I was given these M&S crackle wine glasses as a late Christmas present.  I rather like them, a lot, haha.  

I had a couple of London events for work and decided to wear my Boden London decorated shirt, to tease those city types, you know.

 I was stunned at the view of the cranes. So much building work still going on.  

I also went to an event at Pewterers Hall, and no I am not a worshipful Pewterer, before you ask. I do find these Livery Halls fascinating though, and I am still waiting for a Worshipful Bloggerers Hall to be created.  Who will join me in calling for this?

Then of course there was my modelling for Bonmarche day, where I scoffed a chicken salad lunch followed by Pavlova. 

Yes, my diet is on track!

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  1. Pavlova!!!! Mmmmm. And what an awfull view, would depresse me!

    1. It seemed striking but the other windows had better views . I was able to look out 3 window directions of this tower I was in.

  2. February was a great month for you! I love your work style - so posh and professional and then you do casual so well too. Yay for you, staying on track with your diet and having a wonderful birthday dinner out!!! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  3. You're doing great with your diet and fitness!

    1. Thank you Heather . I've had to slow on the exercise front this week due to an injury .

  4. You are doing so well with both diet and exercise✋ .I am also loving the plaid look which I somehow missed on IG.

  5. I love your first look with the blazer and also the red plaid shirt look is super fun. Good job on keeping up with your diet and exercise. You look fab!

    1. Thank you Nora . I admire all of your looks ! Yes the buffalo plaid seems popular

  6. Yes, the IG likes analysis must be a useful tool to gauge reaction to outfits. You've been doing great things in every direction and I'm impressed with the weight and exercise programme. Well done, twin! (I'll keep quiet about my goals 😕). Hugs, x

    1. It makes the decision what to post easy . You've done admirably on your decluttering and your outfit repurposing with one new piece . Well done you dear twin x

  7. Some great looks Anna, love the causal looks too. Jacqui
    Thanks so much for linking up today #chicandstylish

  8. Lovely outfits and fabulous pavlovas! Shame about that view but well done on the diet!! x


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