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How to Celebrate Mother's Day in the UK

Last year I discovered one of my current favourite brands of jewellery. Kookytwo.  In the summer I bought this beautiful and delicate gold swallow pendant   

Then in the winter I acquired this crystal pendant and chain. If you follow me on IG you will know, absolutely know, that I wear this frequently.  

With Spring in the air it was time to grow my collection.  This time I chose a bracelet with a delicate heart. 

Silver Shiny Heart Bracelet

What perfect time to christen it then Mother's Day.   Last Sunday my oldest daughter took me to lunch.  She had booked the Mother's day special at Zizzi for us a few weeks ago and told me to put it in the diary.  

It was a warm day. How much changes in a week! The previous Sunday we had the remnants of snow still. A week later I didn't even need a coat!  

I wanted to welcome spring so chose pastels and dabbled with leopard and blush.  I like it. Now there's an idea for you fellow leopard fans. 

image showing leaopard print jacket outfit
These are the Marks and spencer everywear trousers

My new bracelet compliments the pastels well. I chose a clutch bag for a change. (I mean when have you seen me with a clutch before?) I surprise myself all the darn time    sometimes when I turn out ladylike.   

image showing leopard print jacket and blush blouse outfit

Luckily I had a pastel clutch in my collection. 

image showing kookytwo silver heart bracelet

image showing leopard print jacket oufit and muttonstyle

jacket - thrifted 
blouse - 5 years old or so from TK Maxx
Boots AW 17 Topshop
Bag Mandy's Heaven - SS 17
Bracelet Kookytwo

We ate a shared platter 

Had a mimosa 

Tucked into desserts, 

and yes there was a main of chicken in between.  

I'm enjoying my new bracelet in my, unlike me, elegance.  

Do take a look at KookyTwo.  They have some new Swarovski pearl bracelets in which I'm rather crushing.  My picks are

Silver Bead and Swarovski Green Pearl Bracelet

Silver Bead and Swarovski Pink Pearl Bracelet

I may have to press add to basket.  Well Easter is coming up!

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  1. Yummy yummy! Happy Mother's Day! Love your outfit and bracelet.What a nice lunch!

  2. The Miss did you proud! Love your jacket and the bracelet is pretty. Love your clutch elegance too!
    Just worked out that Zizzi must be a chain, not exclusive to Salisbury and your lunch was on Sunday, phew!
    Hugs, x.

    1. Gosh you must have been shocked at first when you read that I was at Zizzi . On Sunday it was packed with families . Must be worrying for those at the Salisbury one last week.

  3. Mmmmm,that food sounds great!(Just eating my breakfast!)😂😂😂😂

  4. What a perfect piece of jewellery, I think it's so pretty Anna. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  5. Very good look the blush with faux fur and the clutch was just the right touch. I like the collection of jewelry you are collecting more interesting than fashion jewelry to go with each outfit & nothing else . Your creating a statement . Love the shared plate thanks for eating my dessert I know it wouldn't travel well.

    1. Thank you and anytime you want me to eat dessert for you in England then I'm your girl.. we middle aged woman

  6. Anna, thank you for a new way to wear leopard! I haven't yet paired it with blush or really any pastel for that matter but it looks great! Your bracelet is beautiful too! Your meal looked delish but I'm partial to dessert - that looks delectable!

  7. Popping over for a look at the brand. The items are lovely Anna. I want your jacket!
    Laurie xx

  8. Love that outfit! Blush and leopard, what a winner. Those M&S trousers look great on you. The Swarovski pearl bracelets are very crushworthy!

  9. Just wanted to pop in because some how I missed this post when you first put it up. Grey leopard is so classy and I appreciate those piped sleeve edges. Thanks for linking up to 1st Friday!

    1. Well I knew I was going to link 2 and the suede skirt ended up in last month but but I thought this was the other one I was going to link. Is there another one that I should link. Btw my friend Nats Needlework kitchen was studying your dress sewing blog quite intently on the train last week. I hope she can find a similar pattern .


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