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How to Style Business Attire in 2018

My dear fashionista follower, I made a discovery this week.  Now, you will probably tell me, 'duh, didn't you know that', but in case you don't I will impart it to you.  How to make a dark business outfit feminine? Add interest.  Yes, I know obvious but its the how that I noticed at a conference this week. I also noticed that many of us do this without thinking.  It's our autopilot.  And on looking back over my outfits this week I found that I was doing this on our feminine autopilot.  Still, its worth coming off autopilot for five minutes and actually focusing on the how we collectively add interest to office wear.

Let's backtrack.  I was at a banking sympsium in London. The conference was 80% men, sadly that is still the case.  However the women who were there were generally in black which I at first found disappointing. We seem to have lost our Dallas, Dynasty style of officewear and shrunk to the bland.  But on examination each one of them had  feminised the black financial district uniform by adding interest in one of the forms below or several combined.

1. Texture - An all black ouftit but with a woolen cardigan, a black suit with a cream satin pleated blouse

2. Pattern - A black and white jacket with black trousers but the jacket is a textured floral jacket, or a black and white floral dress with a plain black jacket.

3. Pop - a pop of colour from nail varnish or necklace.

One speaker, although in all black, was wearing black pleather leggings and platform trainers. There she was flaunting on trend textures to a professional financial audience.  Isn't it great to see that although we are conforming in colour we are breaking out the edgy in our work wear. 

What had I worn to work this past week on my autopilot?

1 .Texture in one, what Mary calls a suit.  Mine is my peri-retirement suit.

with interest from the belt.

2 .A pop of colour 

image showing styling office attire

with texture in the jacket and

image showing black and white jacket styled with white shirt and necklaces

3. pattern and texture in a dress and blouse

with more texture in the blouse collar which has metal studs. 

And how about my screen office wear iconette?  Here is Elizabeth in texture, grey and black. 

What did I wear to the symposium.  I hadn't caught on to this unofficial new uniform.  I came off autopilot and  I wore a blue skirt

with a blouse depicting scenes of London (yes, I was really off autopilot.)  I had thought this entirely appropriate, until I got there!  I clearly tried too hard.

image showing Boden Classic shirt

Moving on quickly, lets not dally on my mishap, on Fridays we normally dress down in our office.  This particular Friday we had visitors from a city bank so I compromised between casual Friday and office wear.  I pushed the style boat out and sailed in wearing my Marks and Spencer wide legged pants with a frilly flowery blouse.  This was a Sainsbury's Tu sale item last year for about £6 .  Bargain. 

image showing flowery blouse and black wide legged pants

The belt is Primark and currently in stock.  (Tip - if you want to update your outfits at a reasonable price then grab this belt.  The double loop is a play on the ontrend double G of Gucci.) 

I received several compliments in the office on this outfit, and IG rather liked it too.  One compliment came from a man at work who has never complimented my clothes before. 

Compliments in the office deserves a post in its own right but I will cover here slightly.  There is almost a 'you can't' about it as one isn't sure how it will be taken.  In this case I was pleased, well I always am.  Some women may not be.  Women often compliment each other but a man does have to be careful that he knows the reaction he will get and how well he knows them.  I'm pleased that my colleague felt he knew me well enough to come over and say that the outfit looked nice and went well together.

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  1. The colour of the frilly flowery blouse really suits you. Lise

  2. Those wide legged pants suit you very well!

  3. You rock all of these looks Anna! And yay you for wearing blue! It's nice to have some color and not always be in black!

  4. That was sweet of your colleague and brave (these days). I love the feminine autopilot you've been on. It all looks great. That frilly top is my favorite!

  5. love the look stylish and yet in a office sort of way
    come see us at

  6. Shoes hosiery and belts are great ways to liven up black. I love your London scenes blouse!

  7. You have great work style! I love the ruffled top and those belts are amazing! It totally elevates a look!

  8. Your wide leg trousers and frilly blouse are fabulous. You do have a point about how we automatically feminize black and white outfits.


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