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TBB Asks - Beauty Edition March

This month I thought I would join the Blended Blog and answer the questions posed.  You never know, I might learn something.  Actually I did. In answering I did learn that my characteur is very rough and ready.  Natural.  I found that if my answer for one question was, you have to be kidding, me! Then the answer to another would be, er no, of course not.  Take question 4 answer, well really, do you need to ask question 7, haha.  So here we go.

1 Eyelash curler yes or no?

No. I'm lucky to have long thick lashes. I also have hooded lids and so curling causes mascara smudges 

2 Favourite nail shade?

Um, what time of year and occaision I'd ask back.  I don't think I have one favourite.  My current love for spring is by Butterlondon called Dahling

3 Favourite lipstick shade?

Again what season and occaision!  I find Daniel Sandlers Cherub the most versatile if I'm in doubt.  It suits my warm colouring and most of my wardrobe. 

4 Blow dry or air dry your hair?

Air dry for me. Even when the hairdresser has washed and cut it. My hair falls so much better if I air dry it. Occasionally I will give it a quick blast if I'm in a hurry.

5 Artificial nail yes or no?

After my gel nail experience i am firmly in the no camp.  I did buy some artificial nails recently as they were cheap and recommended but I found them soooo long it looked like claws of a sloth.

6 Foundation yes or no?

I used to be a no but I am wearing my first liquid foundation since trying foundation in my 20s. I used to avoid foundation like the plague as I really disliked the cloying clogging caked feel of it. Foundation has come a long way since. I explored mineral powder foundations in recent years and wore those but they sit in my wrinkly bits.  I'm currently wearing a light Charlotte Tilbury and enjoying the even tone of my skin with lack of caking or claylike feel.

7 Hair up or hair down? 

I so wish I was a hair up person.  I admire the versatility and styles but as you can guess from the above answers I'm a more natural brush and go girl.  Besides my hair wouldn't behave any more than my hands at preparing up-dos. I'm a clutz and my hair has equivalent characteristics. We are happy in our mutual state of wild and free. 

8 Bar of soap or bodywash?

Bodywash.  I find soap too drying, slithery and i don't like the soggy bottoms in the soap dish 

9 Bath or Shower?

Can I say both! Most days it's shower due to time and economics but a bath is a treat, with a book and a wine. 

10 Favourite Body Lotion 

I'm using a L'Occitane one currently but my favourite at the moment is Gold Bond Ultimate It has sooo many nourishing ingredients. 

11 Do you wear perfume? 

 When I remember.  I'm not a habitual perfume wearer.  

If so favourite scent?

I like one by Armani but can't remember which.  My husband bought me Bulgari  Jasmin Noir which I'm using when I remember.  I also went into a perfumery last year on vacation and bought a bought of floral perfume that was locally made.  That is what I'm currently wearing if I'm going somewhere special. 

12 Do you shave your legs every day?

I have my legs waxed so no there is no need to. (probably as well as given the just wash and go approach I seem to favour to the other questions I'd have the body of a sloth too.)

13 Favourite lip balm 

Burts Bees but I don't often wear it.

14. How old were you when you first  started wearing makeup?

I was 12 and I was on a school trip and one evening a teacher showed the girls how to apply makeup.  I was transformed by the time I went back home.  My parents sent off a little girl and collected a teenager complete with 1970s turquoise eyelids.

Now your turn in the comments.  Answer one of the questions at least, go on, I dare you.

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  1. Well that's a first! I haven't heard of a teacher giving a make up lesson. Wonder what your parents said? I can't even imagine that happening here - the parents would have the teacher's head on a platter! It was fun reading your answers Anna!

    1. Thank you. I didn't ever ask but I didnt stop wearing the eyeshadow either:)

  2. No reason for eyelash curler, lip balm , clear nail polish , Thymes a local product Kimono Rose hand lotion , bath salts & fragrance plus room fragrance rose , peony, jasmine , clementine , cassis and vanilla. Shampoo hair & condition with Aveda products and air dry then wide tooth comb to detanglea dab of pomade if hair is acting unruly. Condition , shave and apply self tanner to legs do they are not confused with the white belly of a whale and harpooned. I went to a parochial school any teacher caught instructing in the wearing of makeup would have been burned at the stake if they hadn't perished on the rack first

    1. Haha. I like the idea of dispensing with perfume by just sitting in a fragrant room. I like Aveda too. Yes I also self tan legs as soon as they emerge from hibernation.

  3. Oh my goodness, I giggled at the long like a sloths nails story. I started doing gel nails about a year ago and love them now. I had tried them once before and HATED THEM. They were too thick, too long, and I felt they got dirty. Now I have a great place and it's opposite of everything above. My nails are so dry and weak, that they constantly crack, so gel nails work well for me, right now.

  4. Great questions aren't they Anna? Thanks for linking up on my first #chichandstylish linkup. x Jacqui

  5. 1/ no eyelash curler; 2/ no nail polish; 3/rose with a touch of fuschia lipstick; 4/both; 5/ no; 6/ yes; 7/ down; 8/ soap;, I love getting them from craft markets, love sandalwood or rose; 9/ shower; 10/ palmers cocoa butter lotion; 11/ no perfume but it's time to get back into the exotic & musky ones which I love; 12/ no; 13/ none; 14/ 12 - pink lipstick.


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