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What I wear during Cold Weather

Keeping warm but looking stylish.  A dilema but I opt for warm in the event of conflict with style, especially when it's minus 8c.   You will have heard that winter arrived in southern UK during the last calendar week of, well winter.  Ironic yes! I guess we felt we needed our turn at proper winter before those daffs start blooming.  

What to wear for the freeze that was the question.  

1.  A warm hoody for a casual day at home with true farmers denim thick jeans.  I knew the mom jeans would be useful!  This was the eve, as it were, of the beast from the east.  The snow had not yet arrived. 

image showing harriandthegang hoodie

2   Gloves. Warm ones. I have red chapped hands from wearing  leather gloves without lining.  They really are not cutting it for 'feels like minus 13c'.  This cold weather descended on us so late in the season that I haven't got all of my winter gear out of hibernation.  I will be digging out my thick fluffy gloves over the weekend. 

3.  Beanie.  Mine is fleece lined.  It really is super warm.  I'm so pleased with my purchase from the South of England show a few years ago.  The trouble with looking on line for a beanie for you  is that I can't tell if it is lined.  I will therefore merely tell you to hunt in store or online for one that you can tell for sure has a fleece lining.  There really is no point in having one if it isn't. They are available, as I have one. Maybe Northface is worth browsing.  If you remember mine was useful in Geneva in November too.

4. Boots. Snow boots made an appearance styled with an asymetrical skirt...yeah right.  More like shoved on at the last minute to keep my feet warm and dry once I looked out of the front door.  

For the first few days I could make it in to work, albeit slipping and sliding down to the station.

On Wednesday I wore my Seeland wellies (last seen)  with a skirt as I had discovered that I was flicking and kicking cold snow up the back of my tights in the snowboots.  These wellies are so warm and comfortable.  The days of freezing wellie feet are long gone.  

Have you heard of Seeland?  Here is their website.  Do take a peek.  There will be stockists online and in stores so just search in your browser for suppliers.  I adore my boots. 

and I wasn't the only one.  The office hall was littered with boot footprints

5. Scarf, but forget styling the thing!  Warmly wrapped around and right up to my nose was called for instead.

6. Handcream.  This needed to be available in my bag, on my work desk, by my bed and in my lounge.  Mainly due to point number 2.  

7.  A warm polo or turtle neck fair isle sweater was useful for visiting the chicken coop with   hot water to melt the ice on the hen's water.  Oh, OK, I also wore it around the house too as by Thursday my circumstances had descended into work from home as the forecast was for heavy snow where  I work.  

Kettle - from my kitchen 

Hair - courtesy of Beast from the East 

At last I could use my Tu clothing grey sweater that I bought 2 years ago.  It has a longer back than front.  If it ain't got that swing! 

Funny thing about these boots.  I was admiring the USA-ians who have been adorning similar boots for a few months.  When it came to digging out footwear for the Beast I found these in my cupboard.  I had totally forgotten that I bought these 4 years ago in a post winter sale as I  haven't needed to wear them,  until now.  Don't you just love it when you can shop your wardrobe for something that you had wanted!

A bit of kung foo can keep you warm....if you don't slip :)  
( not try kung foo in the snow, I was joking)

8. Coat - I used a down filled coat and layered clothes underneath once the Beast truely arrived.  Do you tumble dry yours?  The brand that I have recommends that mine is tumbled to fluff up the down.

9. Muffler.  In the absence of a muffler  my chihuahua would welcome a cuddle (and so would I). 

image showing styling jumper and snowboots outfit

What have I missed?  Your turn to tell me how you cope in minus temperatures.


  1. I didn't cope very well! I must remind myself to get some snow boots for next time! I can't tell you how many times I nearly ended up on my backside on a trip to Kensington in the week! I was so surprised that not one pavement had been cleared!
    Laurie xx

  2. Excellent sweaters and I love your hoodie!

    SSG xxx

  3. It was that cold here too! I hardly cake outside because that cold ,and the wind, is way to cold for my lungs. But inside I wore dresses with thermo leggings , lots of layers and a cardigan!

  4. Absolutely loved this post! And you look sooo pretty in the hat shot - please give us more smiley shots! I made myself a When It Snows checklist for the things I forgot to do this time round. Hugs and hope you're hangover-free today! Xx.

  5. You are adorable in that beanie Anna - so cute!!! I have not lived in a climate like that but I know I'd be opting to stay warm rather than fashionable for my outer layers. How fortunate you were to own the things you needed. I'm guessing your regularly scheduled weather will return soon!

  6. I don't think you've missed anything! I love my fleece lined beanie and fleece lined cabin socks!

  7. In the Northern States Yak Trax are worn you affix them to the bottom of your footwear . They are very beneficial for serious icy conditions . The dog walkers all wear them . Imagine walking nine dogs at a time not all quite in tune with who the boss dog is

  8. I spent most of last week wearing my grey chunky roll neck jumper with another thinner one underneath, and a vest! Glad it's much milder now. I love your fair isle jumper!

    Emma xxx

  9. I hate being cold. You wrapped up warm and stylish Anna :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, you are one of my featured bloggers today.

  10. How fun you found "new" boots in your closet!! I wish that magic would happen to me!!


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