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6 Ways to Wear Bees

Dear fashionista

I am writing to you over a well earned G&T having been gardening for a few hours.  On a Sunday I used to go to the gym, as you know, but as the weather has improved I am now doing 'garden gym', as it were.  What is exercise after all? Its stretching muscles not normally used and getting cardio.  I see digging as such.  It works for me.  I get the garden spick and myself exercised. Win win.  I can feel my tummy muscles tighter as I sit here now. 

We have noticed that we have bumble bee nesting below the washing line.  Hubs tells me she will only lay 6 or so eggs so it won't 'bee' a  problem for us but he is quite excited.  I hear lots of 'oh, bless' as she bumbles about.  

Last year we planted some buddleja as fast growing screening but also to attract the pollenators.  Hubs has this year bought some annuals and planted them that will provide pollen for the bees too (they were advertised as bee loving).  We are quite of the natural gardening type. I really don't want to use pesitsides or weed killers (hence my digging today.) We have a baby pear tree that suffered ants last year and we used vaseline around the base as its protector.  It seems to have worked.  Its leafing again this spring nicely.  

I do have a concern about the dying out of the bees and feel we should do our best to help.  I was delighted to see last spring on a trip that PWC in Oslo have a bee hive on their roof.  I wish more offices would do this. One large American bank told me this week that they have hives on the south coast of England, and produce honey.  I have been promised a jar. 

What can we all do to help?  Well, buy local honey maybe to assist local bee keepers, and doesn't it help hayfever too? Perhaps speak to our employers if we have flat roof office blocks in a city, as PWC are doing. Plant bee loving plants. Any other ideas?

But is it me or are we seeing bees as one of the new on trend decors? Are bees the new pineapple?  Yes I know unicorns are a bit prevalent too but let's leave them to the younger generations.

So bees! How do we embrace bees on our clothing age appropriately? Let me show you a few ideas.

1. I bought these trainers and have found them so comfortable. I think they are fantastic. I had been looking for white trainers but wanted a soft back to avoid heel rub and sores. I scoured sports shops feeling the heels and probably got a reputation of being a trainer feeler in my lunch break, haha.  Anyway I settled on these from Boden and I'm so pleased.  They are leather so I think worth the price but I do see them as an investment piece for me.  These fit my philosophy in that regardless of bee trend I can still see me wearing these still in 5 years time.  Comfortable and super stylish.

2. I have found a couple of pretty pendants from Not On The High street.  This is a simple and elegant way to add a pop of bee to your outfit.  I have never bought from this outlet but I know that many do and that it's popular.

Personalised Bee Necklace

Hammered Rose Gold Pendant With Silver Bee

Then how about the Queen Bee from Pandora.  Beautiful isn't it!  I have quite a bit from Pandora in the way of charms but Mr Him did buy me some earings from there recently.

3. If I were a cool coloured person  would be snapping up  this shirt from Hawes and Curtis.  I have just ordered a shirt from them but not this one. I do  love their shirts.  I already have a roses one as you know seen here .

Back to this beauty in pale blue, I think this would be stunning on a blond or dark haired lady with cool skin tones.  Unfortunately I can't wear this blue. Such a shame as I can just see it with  cropped white jeans can't you!  Great for the office too with a navy skirt and jacket. Also it would love fantastic with black as the black of say a pair of trousers would pick out the black of the bee fabulously wouldn't it. 

Women's Blue Bee Dobby Weave  Fitted Shirt - Single Cuff

4. I really am a scarf lover and here are some pretty bee scarves.  This one is quite me, hey it's grey and gold, what's not to love!

If your purse stretches as far this Far Fetch scarf is rather stunning

Cha•Val Milano geometric bee print scarf

Then there's a Kate Spade floral scarf with a nod to the bee in the text.

5.  Whilst I am having a Kate Spadefest let's look at her bee bags.  Isn't this one pretty (sorry not sorry  for the over use of this word in this post.)   Generally I admire kate Spade from afar.  Budget you know.  However if I weren't constrained by budget I would snap up both of the below without thought.  

Kate Spade picnic straw bag

How about more purse friendly bags.  Sophie Allport has a bee collection and here is her Everyday bag.

6. I have an urge for a bee apron and came across this one on Amazon.  It is now lurking in my basket. I have recently decided that my Minnie Mouse apron that I had when the girls were young is now not age appropriate.

By wearing bees it can open up a conversation and spread the love couldn't it.  Go on 'bee' Bee loving.

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  1. I know that the plight of the bees is a problem that scientists really don't understand. We tend to plant things that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Interesting, that last week I bought a bee charm to put on one of my necklaces and this week you do a blog on bees.

    Michael has always wanted to dabble in bees but so far it has been a dream and for some reason I think it will stay that way. We do need the bees, don't we. Who else is going to pollinate all those fruit trees that we have planted? Nice post, now I need to go and do something except read blogs, and try to look " busy as a bee"!

    Terri xox

  2. This post is the bees' knees, my dear. Those trainers are bee-utiful on you. The world needs honey bees. My garden bees go crazy for lovage which I allow to self seed, and boy does it! Lovage is a pretty blue and out in the garden it doesn't matter if it matches our skin tone, eh?! It can be used in remedies and teas too, must get a-brewin' this summer. Bee careful though, buddleja self-seeds like billy-o.
    And finally, the one good thing about me being tee-total is that I don't have to work in the garden 😉!
    Wishing you a fab week, my honey, x

  3. We also have already a lot of bees in the garden, last year we had a lot of dragonfly s! And I already saw many different butterfly s too! Love it.

  4. Oh those Kate Spade bags are so cute!!!! I'd love to have one. The garden gym sounds like a fantastic way to work out and cheers to your well deserved G&T - this is the time of year that all I really want to do is have a cocktail on the patio!

  5. Gardening is a workout! I love all of the bees in your post!

  6. Love the bee jewellery! And trainers. I'm mad about bees. If I win the lottery the plan is to have a huge garden with hives, a swiming pond, trees, a knot garden, etc etc.

  7. Love the bee jewellery Anna, I recently saw a little bee house, that I've bee-n (sorry) meaning to check out. Lovely read Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  8. Of course we should love to wear fun are all of these items!!


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