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An Outfit Fit For Visiting a Castle

Goodness outfit posts with floral accessories are abundant on my blog it appears.  However this one has a bonus castle.  Now that has you tempted to read doesn't it! 

In his youth Mr Him of Anna Mutton Years fame,  my hubs, used to work in Arundel and he decided that we should have a Date Day to visit his old stomping ground . I don't know when just he and I last had a Date Day, or went to Arundel. 

In honour of the date I decided to wear my second loved jacket that Mr Him bought me in the South of France (new) 15 years ago.  I call this second loved, but by me.  Up until last year I had abandoned the jacket as it was too last year. I mean look at the collar.    Now I can wear it with pride as a vintage boho item.

The jacket has a second life, in my life.  Be warned those that Marie Kondo their closets to nothing.  These items cost you hard earned cash. Do not abandon without proper consideration. 

I wore a blush work blouse under the jacket in an attempt to make use of my office wardrobe. Yes I know, blush again. 

It was good to get the old ankles out. You can see my thrifted Boden  leather bag in this shot more clearly.

My trainers are new from Boden. I thought the bees were cute and a nod to the white footwear trend whilst being a future staple for my closet.  

Trainers Boden 

I wore these for the first time this particular day and found them very comfortable albeit having loosened the laces a tad a lot.  They arrived quite tightly laced.  I also did wear blister plasters to protect my heels, and socks as it was first wear.  Not trendy I know, but...

I love the detail on my jacket. It's such a shame that I hid this in my wardrobe for so many years.  Do you have gems hidden?  If so I urge you to unearth them. 

This is the photo I was taking crouched down like this. Wehad gone to the castle to see the tulip display.  I love this colour.  Perfect co-ordination for my jacket, haha.  

More tulips up the moat bank.  

We popped inside the chapel and I rather admired the ceiling. Do you ever look up when you are out and about?

The outfit is not one that will make headlines but it was comfortable and casual. 
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  1. Hi AM, some great shots of the castle, which I've yet to visit. Your jacket is super and distinctive, is it the gold jacket you told Terri about?
    Wishing you an electronic snitching of a weekend, my sweet, x. And that's spellchecker for you, I typed in el skorchio!!

    1. Hi Mary, yes it is the one. and yes I had an electronic snitching weekend! Hilarious:) x

  2. Arundel Castle is so very beautiful! And their garden is fabulous! And the little village is so cute too!

  3. I adore that jacket it's so intricate - and what a scenic backdrop! xx

    1. Thank you and thanks for visiting my poor excuse of a blog:)

  4. Those tulips, that castle, that thrifted Boden bag. Swoon!

  5. Lovely scenery! I've a confession. My new blouse is Blush! Inspired by you m'dear! Have a great weekend
    Laurie xx

  6. How clever of you to coordinate with the tulips! Your jacket is a beauty and I can see it worn in many fun ways - definitely has a Boho feeling to it. Can't wait to see what else you do with it. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you. I had expected pink tulips but the purple were even better and I definitely want to buy some for our garden.

  7. Replies
    1. It was and we had plenty to talk about which was nice too.

  8. I love the trainers. I was looking at those so good to hear that they are comfortable. #globalblogging

  9. Not only is your outfit cute, but your photos are super too. Love the pretty flowers in the foreground along with the impressive castle. Thanks for sharing Anna. Hope to see you on the #linkup again, thanks for joining me. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  10. I want those cute shoes!!! #GlobalBlogging


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