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Continental Drift UK Host My April and LInk Up

Welcome to our second Continental Drift link up.  This time we are leaving the link up open for 2 weeks as its just a monthly link up.  Please do join us with your blogs.  We thought that for future months we would add topics that you could join in on if you wished, not compulsory though.  We welcome any family friendly post. 

My goodness its been a topsy turvy month.  In the UK we had that late winter that I wrote about last month and now in April we had summer, in one week, during the middle of the month.  It was soooo summer I had an email on Friday at work saying 'as sun and warmth is precious lets all go home at 3pm and enjoy the sun with family and friends.'  How about that for work life balance! It was a first for me but very welcome.  The funny thing is two of my team had asked to leave at 4. I teased them a bit on this for a while saying I was going at  3 but they had their bid in for 4pm already, haha. 

I then had to think about friends as not many would be around at that time of day.  I guesssed that one couple we know well may be able to be free for a drink and they sure were.  So was my husband.  He surprised me totally by buying this suncream for the face on the way down to the pub.

The number of times at this time of year we get caught unprepared and burn just from sitting in a garden or being out on a walk.  The sun is low and strong for us when it is out in April. Mr Him bought this at the supermarket as he was passing.   We all put this on our faces as we sat in the beer garden enjoying the warm sunny evening. 

I live in face suncream in the summer.  My favourite that does protect me even in the Canary Islands on vacation is Ultrasun.   

Image 2

When I am away I wear factor 50 all day then put fake tan on overnight.  Hey, it works for me and keeps me skin in better condition as well as being at less risk.

Marks and Spencer has a beauty event on at the moment so it may be a good time to stock up and browse other items. 

The next day we went to the same friends house for dinner.  This had been in the diary weeks ahead but luckily we all have plenty to say so two nights in a row was not too much.  

How often do you wear the same outfit?  I don't very much.  I wear the same items of course, haha, but mixed in different ways. I only realised this once I started Instagram.  Before recording my outfits I had assumed I was on repeat a lot.  Anyway with summer coming so suddenly my hot weather clothes were not out so I put on an easy to find outfit and I knew it would work as it was on repeat from last year. It was a cold shoulder top with pleather leggings. Now, maybe this is no longer IG or blog worthy being so last 2 years but do you know, I don't care.   I like this top.  I added the pleather leggings as these don't get worn in summer or winter as they are either too hot on or too cold. My sandals are Primark for under £10 this spring. 

image showing cold shoulder top outfit

image showing cold shoulder top outfit pleather leggings outfit

We took a bunch of flowers of course.  This photo was for IG Blooming Sleeves that Lazy Daisy Jones hosts.  It was my first attempt.  It would have been better without the paper but as the flowers were a gift I couldn't remove it.  

Our friends have a ragdoll cat. Isn't she beautiful?  I had never seen one before.  She is only allowed outside when they are outside as apparently ragdolls aren't streetwise.

Those blue eyes are stunning.

After that summer during one week when we had  mid twenties centigrade temperatures we are now back in jumpers and scarves with the heating on.  Today I drove to Kent and back and the went through quite a few of those deluge type puddles, you know that splash up like waves.  Our weather really does make planning difficult. 

Time to link up. The link up will stay open for 2 weeks.  You know the ropes. 

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  1. I feel like our weather has been the same too---we were laughing that it must be bipolar!!
    And I love this outfit on you---it's so edgy!!

  2. I can't wait to get away into the sun and smear on that factor 50! Much needed!
    I've shared for you btw xx

  3. Oh a Ragdoll! They are so cute! We have two Mainecoons, but one has the character of a Ragdoll! Great blouse!

  4. Loving the cold shoulder and pleather combo!

    SSG xxx

  5. I've just bought some factor 50 for the walking holiday - didn't think I would need it but the weather has changed its mind! The cat looks like a Birman (as opposed to a Burmese) - we had one a few years ago. Very beautiful but was also very temperamental.

  6. What a wonderful treat to get to leave work early and enjoy the weather! Sometimes it's just the little things that mean so much!

  7. I think the weather has been crazy everywhere. We are finally getting some spring and a chance for fun outfits. Come link up to A Labour of Fashion every thursday I would love to see all you share

  8. Hello summer days, we welcome you! Sounds like you made the very most of it and utilized every single day. I absolutely love that boho, beek-a- boo shoulder shirt well the whole outfit. I have to agree that I often don't have the same outfit on repeat but more often mix and match.

  9. How lovely to spend time with friends and you looked super for it. I didn't bother with sunscreen, but caught a little bit on my shoulder - yes just the one lol. xx thanks for hosting Anna, I do hope you'll join me on Thursday for #chicandstylish. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  10. Thanks for hosting and the Twitter reminder :) I keep meaning to try a bit of fake tan. I could do with a bit of a nice glow.

  11. Yayy I'm hoping the weekend is going to be fabulous for the bank holiday!!! My husband is away and the plan is to catch up and enjoy being (almost) home alone! xx

  12. I use Ultrasun too - all year round. I love the cold shoulder top and pleather leggings. Your friend's cat is a beauty :-)

    Emma xxx

  13. You look lovely! I love your top. The cat is gorgeous!

  14. A great idea for a link up! Thankfully I live in sunny South Africa! :) I hope you enjoyed your early day! #globalblogging

  15. Great idea. Thanks for sharing this article. Loved the way the blog is written


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