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Is it time for Blush to Move On?

Have we lost something from the non-seasonality of colour?  A few springs ago I was eagerly putting away my burgundy and looking forward to letting blush out of hibernation.  However, these past few years I have worn blush all year round, and do you know I think I have had my fill of it.  And that's a pity isn't it?  I seem to have lived in Rose Quartz or Millenial Pink for a several years, all year. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed using the colour in winter.  I've liked the combination with my paler skin more so then in the summer so there is something to be said for pastels in the winter. I've enjoyed the colour any time of year in fact and rather over indulged. You see I had thought that it wouldn't suit me for one thing but also  it had conotations of either my gran or babies.  It wasn't a sophisticated colour in my youth or twenties, thirties and forties everyties but thanks to Pantone it became acceptable to wear in my fifties. And on discovering blush suited me I went as overboard as I did  with grey. (yes we spell it with an 'e' in the UK). 

 Here, for instance, is a T that I bought in NYC from Loft and was a staple last spring for me. 

image showing blush T shirt outfit

I found that blush was the fall back colour  when I lacked inspiration.  It combines with black as an easy go to, and showcases a statement necklace well.

It was  handy to grab to go out the door with grey and white too, 

and navy, but excuse the braces in my mouth lack of smile. 

Blush went with denim, as  T and bubbly. 

and made a floral display. 

Then in the Autumn it went well with burgundy. 

Leopard print  and blush was a February combination that I tried, and liked. 

image showing leopard print jacket outfit

Fluted sleeves worked on blush

image showing black mules outfit

So did tassels

I used blush in my caridgans, 
and look how well it goes with teal. 

This blush  scarf has been my winter companion.  (Primark  and still in stock), and note that it's working well with red. 

My oldest has worn blush in the winter too! 

I've even got blush accessories and used them in the winter.

But  we aren't done because Easter blush made an appearance on two of us and demonstrating once again its neutrality. 

Note the artistic distortion via the base of the mirror....fully intentional of course (not) 

Move over blush,(nooooo do not move over, we love you)  it's time for lilac. Now that's going to be interesting as it's a colour that I  can't see working on me so I am interested in what will unravel from the brands. Yet, somehow I don't think this is the end of blush do you?  I have a closet packed with it and have declared it a neutral.  I don't think lilac will be so versatile somehow.  

Are you embracing lilac as much as you did the various Pantone blushes?  Have you tried blush with red or teal?  What blush combinations surprised you in how well they worked?  Are you still embracing blush or ready for something new?  I'm in such a dilema.  I love it but want a change, just for a bit. 

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  1. I love blush and lilac, but they both don t look good in my face. It surprised me that it looked good on Leopard print. And I think blush is always gorgeous on grey and white!

  2. Blush is such a pretty colour and looks luxurious when worn in winter and paired with faux fut and so on. It really suits you. Sadly, as a colour it does nothing for me, my pinks are millennial pink or fuchsia. Embrace a change but happily return to blush in a few months.

  3. I love blush as a neutral and enjoy it with my hue of olive and brown , also a darker grey goes well with my colouring . You just acquired great classic accessories the clutch

  4. Yep.I'm embracing it.It's such a great colour on you, I think you should carry on too.
    Laurie xx

  5. I think it's a wonderful color and you wear it so well! Thanks for linking up with Vis Monday, xo



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