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My Easter Outfit and Oreo Dessert Recipe

How was your Easter or Passover, if you celebrate? We had a quiet but pleasant Easter. It was five of us at our house for lunch.

we like our gravy!   The puffy thing is a Yorkshire pudding.  The meat is in a bowl top left waiting to be served

 Often the weather is reasonably hot at Easter but this year it was  chilly. I debated a bit with myself on what to wear and ultimately chose a simple formula that worked for looking slightly dressed up but warm whilst being casual enough for the kitchen preparations.  

Very simply a pair of black jeans, a V-neck sweater, a statement necklace nestled in the V and my Ego entertainment mules (see I am finding them useful here ).  I found this a very grown up  and classic outfit. One that won't date.  

image showing pink cashmere sweater outfit

My necklace is quite a few years old but I have found that it is still in stock at Alice's Wonders and I have linked it below. Over the years I have had so many compliments on this piece of jewellery.

My husband cooked roast pork and trimmings and I made an apple and rhubarb crumble using ingredients from the freezer and cupboards so I was pleased with the economy. 

My oldest daughter, Miss 23, made an Oreo dessert.  She likes to make the video recipes that flash up on Facebook but I have linked a YouTube below for you.  It was funny hearing Miss 23 say 'it looks like its meant to!'  Don't we all feel that when it turns out right, haha.

image showing oreo dessert

This dessert was yummy and with the melted chocolate topping of dark chocolate it had a chocolate torte sort of  flavour. You know, that rich bitterness.  She will make it again.  I'll make sure of that.  Here's the recipe for your files.  It is a video recipe.

Now back to the outfit.  My sweater  is the cashmere Marks and Spencer sweater that I bought in the post Christmas sales.  I intend to note this simple formula for other occasions and when you are thinking about what to wear next year maybe you will remember this idea.  Bookmark it now!

image showing pink cashmere sweater outfit

Sweater  similar here   but sadly not at sale price (but do keep a look out for price reductions.  I bought the sweater plus jeans and a turtle neck for less in total than the sweater is currently priced.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your wonderful meal! We had roast turkey as we bought two at Christmas and froze one. Your desserts sound (and look) fabulous and very tasty. You also looked fabulous for your family get-together x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  2. That looks delicious! We had brunch with friends and had mynparents in law for diner!

  3. Yorkshire puddings! These are my talent! I eat loads of them too! Great chic outfit perfect for our weather.
    Laurie xx

  4. We had a nice day in Brooklyn with our daughters. That Oreo dessert looks delish! I love those little videos on FB too. Love that pink sweater!

  5. Cashmere and oreos in the same post? Yes, please!!! Love your classic outfit but I think that oreo dessert is my favorite!! LOL

  6. I'm saving that recipe. It looks delicious! #bloggerclubuk

  7. hopped over from your facebook post and I can totally relate to the age difference at blogger events. Oh well.. Looks like a great meal and such a pretty sweater. I have aTHursday link up A Labour of Fashion, hop over and join us.

  8. Pale pink is a colour I love , especially in Spring and often match it to black the same as you.
    Simple style always works. You look really nice!


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