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Part Two of our Date Day, Lunch in the Wetlands

After we had our summer last week we arrived back where we should be but don't want to be, April showers.  So it's an opportune moment to tell you about part two of my visit to Arundel and a couple of well timed purchases.  After our visit to the castle, which I tell you about here) we headed to the wetlands for lunch in a well known tourist trap of a pub, The Black Rabbit. 

At this point it had started to rain but luckily I had my new rain coat and umbrella in the car, having asked my trusty Alexa whether it was 'going to rain today.' 

yes it has a belt!

COAT regular
COAT petite

Trainers  Boden 

Laurie at Vanity and Me Style made a value for money led purchase of this coat from M&S recently and as I  had been on the hunt for a waterproof trench I took note of her purchase.  Especially as it comes in petite here too and was a reasonable price, and has Stormguard, which has to be good! (It sounds good doesn't it!)

My coat is good for playing in too

I have to say I am delighted with the quality and style and it does what it says on the tin.  Laurie tells me that she spilt a drink on hers and it just wiped off leaving no stain or mark.  So far I have not done this but as I am usually clumsy its bound to happen. 

My other desire, since the 1980s when they were first around, was one of these see through umbrellas.  I saw someone at work with one recently and that prompted me to peruse Amazon and what do you know, I found one (link below the pic) .

The wetlands is a marshy area that homes a wildlife reserve. You can see the high water at the fence line. This is without a particularly wet winter so I can just imagine people must row to the pub during really rainy seasons. 

We had a superb gastropub meal and then headed home.  

That dear fashionista was the second half of our date day. Did you have one after I suggested it?

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  1. Anything that resists stains is worth its weight in gold! I love your new raincoat - it's a classic cut that you'll enjoy for years and I admire that umbrella - a clear one makes so much sense!

  2. So funny, because I also always wanted a see thtrough umbrella. I got one about right years ago and it was taken by by someone in a pub! You reminder me that I want it back again!😂😂😂

  3. Oh Queenie, I love your regal umbrella. I had one in the 80s but I want one NOW! And that raincoat! Two great buys.
    Hugs sweetie, x

  4. I agree with Nancy ..a see through brolly means you can see where you are going..

  5. The Queen has see through umbrellas for every outfit, each one trimmed with the colour of whatever she's wearing!


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