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7 Ways I've got my Feet Springing into Summer

I should have called this series From Head to Toe. Yes, following on from my hat post I'm  look at feet for it's that time of year isn't it! Time to get those feet out and twinkle those toes. 

1. To get the ball (of the foot) rolling I went for a pedicure this week and despite what I said in my gel nail post, I plumped for gel on the basis  that it should last longer on my feet  than on my hands.  

I chose a nice vibrant colour.  My favourite colours for my toes again this summer are OPI Cajun Shrimp and I eat Mainly Lobster and as luck would have it they are in my collection.  

2. I've noticed Scholl are doing a dry skin remover gadget.  One of my pet hate looks is dry cracked heels in front of me on an escalator.  It just revolts me. I know we all have different pet revolts,  but that's mine. I work hard not to give someone that view. And I encourage hubs to do the same. 

If a softening cream is your preference then Boots have an offer on Flexitol Moisturising Footcream . During my pedicure the therapist used a scrub on me followed by a manual file.  At the end of the treatment my feet were massaged with a refreshing moisuriser.  If you want to replicate the full experience at home you will also need  a softening foot scrub and a foot file .  

As you know summer hit us suddenly.  I was expecting  a bit of spring in my step in between winter and summer and had made some preparations for the warm, as opposed to hot, weather. Now the heatwave has passed I'm going to make use of these new Spring additions.

3. I adjusted my leopard print trainers for spring by swapping out the laces.  This turned out not to be as easy as it looks.

I ordered white laces.  White laces arrived.  They were 'White'.  Brilliant white, not trainer white. It's not until you look for replacement laces that you realise how hard it is to get 'the white'. You know slightly off white of trainers.  Did you even know that white trainer laces aren't 'white'?

Offwhite and cream laces were googled and yes, I ordered some.  Here they are. If you can get petite in laces I  found them, unfortunately!  In this picture you can see the brilliant white laces compared to offwhite of the shorter ones but the shorter ones only threaded 3 holes!

Third attempt and I found a supplier called Big Laces and they did cream. Hooray.  I bought them.  I put them in my trainers.  I love them.  Finally. This may not look different in the pic but in real life thet are the same ivory as the edging. Much more in keeping.  

4. I bought some flat shoes from M&S that are just so comfortable. I have them in red here and what they call white here. .  It's actually an off white (there we go again) which I prefer.

The red version are a lovely pop of colour

5. My white bee trainers are ready for more action. Excuse the sock, I was wearing the trainers  in. Talking of which has anyone found non slip trainer socks? I need some. 

           Boden Hollie trainers

6. I 've also bought a cheap pair of white trainers from Primark to get me to the office and back now that I'm not in winter ankleboots. (As soon as I wrote that I was back in ankle boots, sadly.)

7. I swear by Compeed blister plasters at this time of year and I've taken to wearing them before I get a blister with new shoes.  They are a staple in my bag in the spring and summer.

How do you prepare your feet for summer?  Shall we look at necks or knees next?

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  1. Never noticed that about the laces! Good Idea!

  2. Off white laces - who knew? Always good to learn new stuff! I share your pet hate of cracked and scaly heels on the stairs and escalator. So easy to prevent with all the heel balms and creams you can buy (I use a cheap Boots one).

  3. I had a pedicure on Saturday (and a mani too), such a necessity in the warmer months. I'm not a fan of cracked heels either - so gross!!!

  4. I had my pedi just before the holiday. There's something about having a pedi that tells you summer has arrived! I suffer terribly from the cracked heel problem! I will be checking out that cream for sure.
    Laurie x

  5. Love those M&S shoes... I'd completely forgotten how lovely their styles can be. And who knew about those laces too! Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam

  6. It's really amazing how laces can change a shoe! I love to play that way... I'm glad you found a creamier color! The devil is in those details.


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