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An Outfit for An Evening Reception at the Chelsea Flower Show

When the dress code calls for summer smart, or words to that effect, what do you wear?  A new necklace of course!  This new addition to my collection comes from Eternal Collection.  For summer smart at an evening reception at Chelsea Flower Show I decided elegance was required.  Who better for elegance than Eternal Collection? There is elegance for all tastes on their website isn't there! 

I chose to wear a black, can't go wrong dress that has been in my wardrobe for about 5 years and comes out for just such an occasion. The shame is that rain was forecasted and it was a little chilly so I had to cover up my outfit, so I hit that  wonder why I bothered moment.  The reception was outside too so there was no chance to decant out of my coat.

It was my first time at Chelsea and I was surprised at how small but beautifully formed the gardens were.  Here is a Tuscan style for instance.  

I thought the rockeries were pretty.  And easy to build in a tub like this.  I'm going to try.  I took this pic to give me some pointers. 

A lady in the USA on a Facebook group took a pic of a field of Alliums recently and asked what the plant was.  I answered as we have a few in our garden but looking at this display at the show made me think that I wished I had been there to see the field.  It must have been magnificent.

I like this harp back to days past.  Brings memories of times before I was born and idolises an era doesn't it?

The below garden literally came from the Caribbean.  The gentleman displaying comes over each year and has done so for many a year to display.  I hadn't realised there were international participants.  

It was the Pearlfisher Garden that we were due to go to for the reception, but first I wanted to take a pic of my outfit, decanted of coat so as you could see the full effect of my (unusually for me) elegant look. The jacket is gold.   I was so pleased with the necklace choice and love how it contrasts with black.  

image showing black dress evening outfit

On to the Pearlfisher Garden for a few nibbles and some bubbly. Actually I was so thirsty I gulped down a Pimms rather than champers. 

This is the necklace  . Like the gardens, small, pretty but perfectly formed. 

This style comes in 10 versions, 4 colours, and each of those in gold and silver, plus a clear crystal option.  On the Eternal Collection website  search Rivoli and you will find all of the choices, including earrings.  Here is the  search, I hope it helps you to find the selection. 

I chose Peacock as the colours in it suit my wardrobe palette.  I would say there must be colourway in the collection for most palettes. The necklace is a reasonable £20 too.   Personally I think it's quite genius to bring out this striking piece of jewellery in so many versions that we are almost bound to find one that will go with our own clothes and colouring. 

The necklace is made using faceted Swarovski rivoli crystals.  The crystal forms a peak in the centre and I found that mine gives quite a sparkle in the sun, to the extent that I couldn't take a photo of it outside. The chain has a one inch extender so can hang a bit longer than I am showing it.  

I'm going to get plenty of wear out of this necklace in the summer. I'm looking forward to seeing it with black and white T-shirts and summer dresses. 

Do take a look at Eternal Collection website for this necklace, and you may find other items that catch your eye.  I have noticed that they ship internationally and an outside Europe shipping cost is just £12.  

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The necklace was gifted but my choice and it is totally in keeping with my style


  1. A lovely post, AM, and how privileged you are to get invited to a champagne reception there! Loved the outfit and the jewellery - is that your 2nd Loved gold jacket? Fancy a collab? The flower pics were super to see, and oh that allium, such a surreal flower, a bit like a child's painting, perfect in its naive simplicity. Hugs, x.

  2. I saw Alliums last week in the UK and thought they were amazing! Never seen those before. Beautiful necklace and very smart look!

  3. You look very chic, and would stand out against the gardens in those sophisticated hues rather than bright colours or florals! Rockeries are very trendy it would seem - I'm scratching my head trying to figure out where I could put one.

  4. You're looking very elegant indeed, and I love the gold jacket and the Peacock necklace! I'm a tad jealous as I've always wanted to go to Chelsea ... I love Alliums, and I too wish I had more. To see a whole field of them must have been truly magnificent! xxx

  5. You lucky lady! A reception at probably the most swank flower show in the world! I think quite a few of us are jealous. Well, you look chic and love that gold jacket. My Alliums finally bloomed out and are just seed heads now, but they do last for a long time.

  6. I've never been to Chelsea flower show but those images look great. Maybe something for me to check out in the future

  7. I didn’t know you had to dress up for these shows. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the photos. I guess I’m not able to do fancy enough to go for real #dreamteam

  8. Very elegant outfit, and the beautiful necklace finishes it off perfectly. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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