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Garden Furniture and a Lovely Cuppa of Coffee

My goodness, dear fashionista, it's been a long haul.   A long haul to get new garden furniture.  We sent our 8 year old tatty table and chairs to the dump in the sky last autumn (fall) and then in March hunted around to find a not too expensive replacement.  There are a lot of the nylon whicker dupe lounge sets around at exorbitant prices but we decided that that wasn't for us.  We don't have enough sun in Sussex during our time off work to really make the most of a cushioned set of sofa and chairs outside, however tempting it was to buy and then call upon the Goddess of Summer. No, we kept our sensible heads on and eventually chose a set that is made from Eucalyptus wood, for a discounted price even, for dining.  This was our objective, a dining set, and I'm proud that we weren't side tracked by a lifestyle that wasn't ours.

All well and good you may think.  And it was. We booked delivery. Mr Him booked a day off work. 

But the phone didn't ring. An email didn't come.  The doorbell didn't ring.  Eventually Mr Him rang the delivery company. Oh wonders, they said they had a complete computer system failure.  The supplier contacted us to apologise and confirm that when they had news they would liaise with us on re-delivery.  A week later we discovered that the delivery company had actually gone bust.  

Now if you remember we had summer for a weekend two weeks ago.  We were looking forward to using this newly bought but not delivered set then.  And of course we couldn't.  Very disappointing as since then we went back to winter.  But this weekend, what do you know, its summer again!  And the garden set has arrived!

I can now enjoy sitting out in the sun, and shade with our new umbrella, on our patio in chairs that have been delivered.  I can eat off a table that has been delivered.  I can even now blog outside, as I am doing this very minute, on a garden set that has been delivered.

In the meantime I was sent some delicious coffee from Decadent Decaf Coffee Co to sooth my brow whilst I waited for my table and chairs.  What most excites me is that this coffee is decaffeinated naturally.  And here is another story I will embark on. 

When my children were babies I was keen on organic and natural products for them, and me.  During that period I heard of decaffeinating of coffee by the Swiss water method by a fellow NCT member (it would be wouldn't  it, haha. If you are British you may understand that.)  All well and good but I couldn't find any of this decaffeinated by the Swiss water method coffee in the shops.  And remember there wasn't such a thing as Google then. 

Skip 20 years or so and last year I have found myself twice having normal decaffeinated coffee at a function in London and then feeling like I was about to have an allergic reaction.  I had heart racing and a feeling of hyperventilation  plus  a feeling that something awful was happening to my body which I understand now is a precursor to a reaction.   I have since stuck to normal caffinated coffee rather than risking decaf.

So when I was introduced to this  coffee   decaffinated by the Swiss water method  I was more than delighted.  Finally I had the elusive naturally decaffinated coffee and I am loving it.  I have to say loving it to the extent that I am taking it to friend's houses in the evening so as we can all enjoy decaf naturally. This coffee is perfect for me.  

I have even really spoilt myself and bought a new Emma Bridgewater mug for my collection.  I had wanted one with flowers on and found this little beauty in her shop in Marylebone during the week.

Have you ever had a reaction to decaf or am I alone in that?  Have you tried the Swiss Water Method coffee? 

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  1. Oh AM your garden is looking gorgeous, so worth your deep-gardening efforts, and oh my your dining (working from home?) arrangement is perfect. We're more your "coffee set" outdoorsers (it's an age thing). And no, never heard of that strange reaction to decaff. What chemicals were in the process, I wonder (rather nervously)? I drink regular.
    Hugs, have a nice week, x

  2. I didn t realise that you live in Sussex! Sussex, West, is my favorite part of the UK. We always stay in Sussex!

  3. Enjoy your garden set! It looks really lovely. Love that mug too.

  4. Glad you got your garden set sorted. I didn't know there was different ways to decaffeinate coffee! Thanks for joining the #dreamteam this week

  5. Yeah for summer days on the patio with a coffee or another beverage in hand. I love being on my deck and am truly dreaming off my summer days away from the city and out on my deck at the cabin. Until then we also have enjoy sitting on our deck a few times. I love your little floral mug, somehow it seems just perfect for you. Enjoy your coffee and new patio set.

  6. Not a coffee drinker I'm afraid. The garden furniture looks great though. I bet that's been great this week, just in time.
    Laurie xx

  7. Love the purple parasol. I hope I get to migrate outdoors with my laptop at some point! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


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