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Introducing The Bias Cut

I have a treat for you if you are a UK reader and especially  if you live near Brighton.  The Bias Cut are coming to you. Do you know The Bias Cut?  It's an online boutique run by Jacynth Bassett. Let me let her tell her story, and I certainly sympathise with her mother's experience.

It all began when Jacynth grew saddened by her mum's frustration at her ever-lasting love for style being squashed by the Fashion Industry - largely because of her age. She found everything typically targeting her demographic to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or unflattering. It was a constant struggle to find beautiful quality garments she would really love to wear. The pieces were out there, but with the use of younger models, rude shopping assistants, and a lack of time, shopping was now a demoralising experience. This had to stop.

It became Jacynth's mission to cut though this ageism by creating a destination that truly celebrates women of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

For the week Thursday 31st May to Tuesday 5th June The Bias Cut are partnering with Joanna Zara millinery to hold a pop up shop in the centre of Brighton. If you are local do  "pop" along and look.  You will find them at 114 Church Street, Brighton BN1 1UD.  

My gorgeous shirt below is from their website. Look, it has artichokes on it!  Isn't it the most lush and warm green.  But shirts is not all they do so don't be fooled.  There are jumpers, dresses, trousers and T-Shirts plus accessories. 

image showing Gibson and Birbeck artichoke shirt
a rare office photo

You know how I'm going through a statement shirt phase from my London Outfit and Roses posts.  I think a quirky shirt is a great way of adding fun to my wardrobe, age appropriately.  The Bias Cut stock a good range of designs in cotton. The watering can shirt is fun too.  What I would say is remember we are talking of a private enterprise so stock of each item is not huge therefore if you like something from the  site, and it's available don't dawdle.

You will notice my Ageism is Never in Style badge on my jacket below. 

 I bought this from The Bias Cut in the autumn to join their  movement against, well,  what you could call frumpy fashion  for my age group.

On this particular day at work I went for a run with 2 male colleagues at lunchtime.  My phone recorded 6k but my colleague's Garmin said 4k was what we actually ran.  I think that's a concrete example of the spirit of Ageism is Never in Style.  Me,  a mid-fifties woman, keeping up with 2 men in their 30s. We are living our middle years fully not frumpily.

Oh, and here is a token heron.  We saw this beauty out on the run. I had to slip this into the blog.  I was so lucky to catch this pose and the reflection.   As the picture is green tones like my shirt I thought it perfectly fine to include in the post. 

 Now we need heron shirts.  A close run thing is this feather shirt.  

With weddings, the various races and summer parties coming up  you will find The Bias Cut website easy to navigate to find an outfit for an occaision. 

For Southern England readers the pop up shop is a rare opportunity to see the collection physically, browse and perhaps, buy.

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The shirt was gifted but my choice and it is totally in keeping with my style. 


  1. Love your statement shirts. The artichoke one is great!

  2. Heron shirt or an artichoke bow tie would be awesome with an appropriately coloured argyle in the winter. Yes I have been known to wear a bow tie and earrings causes comments .

  3. I love Jacynth, her attitude and her clothes...great shirts...and pics x

    1. Thank you. Luckily I have a friendly colleague to do the pics.

  4. Sadly we won't be near Brighton those days, but those shirts look lovely :)

  5. The shirt is gorgeous Anna. I love the fresh colour .
    Laurie xx


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