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My London Outfit, Literally

Do you ever go out for a girlie midlifey chat, meal, drink with a female friend?  Isn't it fabulous to do that? We have so much going on in our lives that are similar that we shouldn't lose touch of our time with friends to mull it over or seek advice or simple have a giggle.  I've made some special friends through blogging and we do meet up for a non blogging chinwag (Mary, Laurie and Gail.) At my age I think I'm lucky to have made new friends.  It's not as if we have the school gate or mothers and toddler groups anymore to make a connection.  Nor those NCT coffee mornings.

On Friday I went out with Gail of Is This Mutton and we had a 5 hour talkfest.  I had work first so my outfit was adapted for office, rain and cold.  That meant no glam boots this time. All say ahhh.

However what I did wear received quite a few compliments during the day and 'where did you get that' s. Unfortunately the exact item  may not be in stock as most pieces are several years old but I will try to help.

The shirt

This is still available.  Lucky you. Grab it quick. A few colleagues thought this shirt was really 'cool' and I had queries on where to buy it from a Facebook group too.
Here you are 

The  exact shirt seem to be not available anymore but there are similar shirts in more design ways UK and Boden USA . My shirt here has icons of London on it but I also have this shirt with other designs.  I think this is fun for work and casual.

The jacket. 

This was £35 from Tu. It's pleather.  A male investment banker who I had lunch with on Friday complimented the jacket and couldn't believe it when I told him it was not a several hundred pound leather jacket. Next have a similar one now online here  .

The scarf.  Hmm not so easy. I bought this 5 or so years ago from QVC.  It's Attitudes by Renee. The scarf has red telephone boxes on it.  It's a great pop of colour around the neck near the face.  I have found a telephone box scarf in grey and red here though 

I was asked how I knotted it. Well I'll try to describe it.  

1. hang it around the neck with long bits down your front
2. wind the long bits around the neck again once and bring to the front again
3. tie the 2 long ends in front loosly
4. loosen it all to where you want it to sit.

You will have seen that Gail and I had an exorbitantly priced cocktail, on our social media.  We went into Donovans Bar in Browns Hotel.  

Don't we have quite the taste,  haha. We didn't plan on this . We were going to have a glass of wine and this was the first bar we came across. One cocktail listed was £5500. Yes! I can tell you I double checked the price of mine as I ordered.  Phew £18. Just £18! For one drink.  It was lovely though to sit in such on trend surroundings and look appropriately dressed. I wasn't kicked out was I so I must have looked OK.

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  1. Sounds like a fun get together! You do look so put together and hip. What are you doing in that first photo though?

  2. That must have been An amazing cocktail!😂😂😂😂 Great to read that you two had such fun!

  3. Oh how I love a good cocktail! But I love a good cocktail at a great price even more!!! Happy weekend friend!

  4. Sometimes the ambiance or view is worth the price of the cocktail . You had a good time and a photo opportunity . Everybody won. Good outfits

  5. Looking pretty, my sweet twin. The outfit is so spot on, but ouch how it must have hurt to pay those cocktail prices. It's going to be a two pints of lager and a packet of crisps when we next meet up! Hugs, my lovely, x.

  6. Your outfit is great and that jacket does look like a pricier jacket. I do enjoy getting together with my midlife girlfriends.

  7. Blimey, what was in the £5500 cocktail?! I'd have expected a big diamond in it for that! It makes £18 sound like a bargain! Love the Boden shirt and your telephone scarf. Hope you're having a great weekend :-)
    Emma xxx

  8. I love the contrast of the print of your blouse against the biker jacket.

    SSG xxx

  9. Wonderful to meet up, sounds like a fabulous time. Please do join my #chicandstylish #linkup that's live now Anna. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  10. How fun you two were able to meet up!!! That's the best part of blogging, I think!!
    And you looked terrific!!

  11. Firstly, love the shirt! I'm going to take a look. It must have been fun to have a drink in Browns. I haven't been there before. I wonder how much tea is?! I spotted the stories and it did look like a fun time was had. The money for the cocktail was worth it and we should spoil ourselves from time to time!
    Laurie xx

  12. Stylish look. Super cool designs. Keep up the great work.


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