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My New Bag goes to Liverpool

I have had the most fantastic work trip to a far off place...Liverpool.  Hey, to this Sussex lass middle years frump Liverpool is far away.  Let's not dawdle on semantics. I had a suitcase to take, obviously being a far off place,  plus various ticketing for  bookings and  reservations, normal handbag stuff, kindle,  phones (work and my own) and my trusty water bottle.  With all that it might have been an ocean away!

Personally I prefer a crossbody bag when I'm travelling.  It just seems easier with a suitcase plus I think it's more secure. 

I decided to take my new Eva Trends bag as it has an adjustable strap plus a handle and as a bonus, oh so many zips and pockets. 

 And isn't the bag pretty.  On this particular day I chose to wear just black so as I had an outfit for travel and going out to eat in the evening without lugging another outfit in the case. 

image showing eve trends bag

I found this bag  really handy to put my tickets in the back zipped pocket so as I didn't have to open up the whole bag as I travelled.

Liverpool is such a quiet city compared to London.  I had an opportunity to go shopping and  buy a new face powder in Harvey Nichols without the London bustle. I walked along the Mersey.

I took myself for a cocktail at Albert Dock during the first evening.

I found the Beatles, and tourists to take my pic. 

I had an Indian Street curry.

I saw Billy Fury on the Mersey

 I saw the Liver Birds

I was in Liverpool for a conference.  It's great seeing so many contacts in one place. Although it's a few days out of the office it saves a lot of time in the long run to resolve issues and connect over those couple of days . On the formal evening we had a meal inside Liverpool cathedral.  This is the largest in the UK. The pictures do not do the setting justice I have to tell you.

I know many of you are interested in the bag as I had so many comments and messages on it on IG.  It's  available here from Eva Trends.  They are offering you a 15% discount with code AM15 on bags and any other item on their site. Lucky you. And  remember that they ship worldwide so this is a global offer.  

You may recollect  that I recently did a post on a dress from Eva Trends here..

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but I was gifted the bag although I chose it myself and views are my own.  


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, even though it was work!!!

    1. I did Hilda. I think its important to add a bit of me time to a trip so as you can see the place.

  2. One place I've never been too! Looks like a fun day and the bag is cute
    Laurie xx

  3. I want to go to Liverpool too and do the Magical Mystery tour! I didn t know that you are from Sussex! I am going to Pagham tomorrow! Sussex is my favorite county!

    1. I blog quite a bit from Sussex, London and Brighton so Liverpool was a great different backdrop.

  4. Love your beautiful bag - so colorful and gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed hanging out with the Beatles - so cool!!!

    1. Thank you. I actually went to school with one of their children.

  5. Loving your bag and my the traveling . Thanks for sharing

  6. I was a student in Liverpool. I loved it there. Such a great city. Your photos have brought back great memories. I love your bag too! #MMBC

    1. I'm glad they brought back memories. I guess much of it has changed too.

  7. I went to see Bob Dylan in Liverpool about this time last year and it was lovely weather, we had a bottle of prosecco in a bar at Albert Dock, enjoying the sunshine. I live about an hour from Liverpool by car, although I'm originally from Cambridgeshire - it once seemed a far off place to me too! Love the bag, thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    1. You could well have been in the bar I was in that overlooks the dock. I think its the main one there. Pretty spot and relaxing


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