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Outfit for a Sunny Day in Brighton

Dear Fashionista

I took the weather forecaster literally.  I took a hat!  I also smeared factor 50 on my face and shoulders.  I was well behaved.  It was Bank Holiday Monday and the thermometer was promised to reach levels unheard of in Britain for the time of year.  I rummaged for loose clothes unheard of for the time of year.  And a hat, unheard of for suburbia.  We were headed to Brighton to browse around the North Lanes and have a bite to eat and drink.  To enjoy the sunshine safely.

On leaving the house I put my hat on.  Bear in mind that this is my vacation hat not my at home in suburbia hat but needs must.  My hat is one that protects from UV rays and its from Coolibar.  

Walking to the station I took the hat off, thinking this is silly for suburbia rather than "Costa Sunshine"  but immediately regretted it as even with sunglasses there was a glare to my vision.  I only noticed as I had the comparison.  Normally I am a just sunglasses person and that's enough but I am wondering whether I should upgrade to hats for suburbia having seen the difference to my vision.  How about you, are you a hat person?

So the hunt is on for a suburbia summer hat.  First let me show you our day in Brighton, including Costa Sunshine head adornage.  And the adornage is fine for Brighton, as you can see the town is a bit of a tourist town.

Brighton is very colourful, particularly around the North Lanes area.

When I was strolling from shop to shop I had my hat folded up in my bag.  Handy that isn't it?  Do you like my boho look?  I chose a maxi as I had white legs.  I thought Birkenstocks on my feet totally Brighton. 

image showing blue maxi skirt outfit

The sun had brought the cafes outside.  The area has quite a village feel to it.  My hat stayed in my bag as I was in and out of the shade and it was too Costa Sunshine for this area. 

Even the stock in the streets are colourful.  

My husband was delighted to find a Joe's Crab Shack T as we had visited one in Texas.  Amazing what you find in the thrift stalls down this way. He didn't buy it as he wasn't so keen on a political logo. But he is wearing a hat!  And he is a wreck! Not really.

Here is a popular First Nation shop. Also very colourful. 

I found a fabulous thrifted shirt for £5.  Yes, there is a bit of a glare.

Have I forgotten something?  Oh yes, my hat.  

We wandered down to the seafront and stupidly I still hadnt taken my hat from my bag. You can see that the pier has fair rides on it. 

This is the West Pier which had a fire several years ago.  It's now quite a feature off the shore in its skeletal shape.  

Then onto food and unlike me I had a salad.  I don't normally when we are out as I resent paying dining prices for a bunch of lettuce but this day I felt the need.   We had chosen a seat under an umbrella but then the sun moved so I pulled out my portable shade, my "Costa Sunshine" hat. It's working isn't it.  You can see the shade cast by it. I can tell you I was thankful for it here. 

I bought this hat about 4 years ago.

We then wandered back to the station and I kept my hat handy this time but it seems to have grown legs, haha. 

image showing summer maxi skirt outfit

I really do need to find another way to wear this skirt.  I have only worn it with this blouse, see here for a last year outing in it. 

So moving on to find a Suburbia hat.  I have found a few on line that I will explore and maybe be more likely to wear in the UK in suburbia.  I love my Coolibar hats on vacation and would absolutely not be without them see here in the dessert and here also in shorts  but let's face it a sun hat is not just for holiday.   Now I need to make a decision. Which one to buy?

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  1. Fabulous sunny weather in Brighton, we were there a few weeks ago for a Jukebox fair. Looks like you had fun Anna.
    You are featured on the #linkup as favourite for the week, hope you'll join me again. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  2. Great outfit for a day out and about enjoying the beautiful weather! Looks like a glorious day!

  3. It looks like such a fun and colourful place! Love your skirt Anna - perfect for a warm English day xx

  4. What a wonderfully fun day that had to be! I wish I could have gone along! Thanks for joining us at Style Wise Link Up today!

  5. Brighton looks lovely! I've never been but really want to go one day. I love your maxi skirt. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  6. I so wished I was a hat girl! I did wear one on holiday though. My hair needed protecting more than anything. I love brighton, this makes me want to pay a visit.

  7. I love, love , love the Ted Baker-Boo Hoo that it is out of stock. AS far as hats, I am starting to wear them more and more. It did look a little too sunny for me, definitely would have had one of my big hats on. I learned a lesson yesterday; be careful when it windy and sunny. I had to chase my hat across a parking lot!


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