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6 Packing Tips

Well dear fashionista, this has to be a packing post following my corporate trip last week. Let's think of it as a trial run, small trial run, very minimal trial run for the annual getaway.

Before I bore you with packing I just want to show you a new cap that I bought Mr Him.  If you recollect on my Brighton post I spoke of his  Wreck cap.  We bought this cap in Liverpool 4 years ago or so.  For this trip Mr Him made me promise to buy him a new one.  But oh the dilema!  Which one would do? 

So, my first top tip.

1. Look at what you packed, wore last time.

In my case (pun), I looked at my blogs about last year's conferences for my guide of what to wear.  Sadly for you, that means my first outfit is rinse and repeat from last year in Oslo and Manchester.   Here it is then and below,  now. 

What can I say!  It works.  I feel comfortable and appropriate.  Why change it?

Now this necklace I must talk about.  It went out of stock at M&S last year but guess what, you lucky people, it's back here UK and here for USA readers.  It actually is one long rope but I just knot it at the end to make a more V-shaped hang.  A versatile little number isn't it!  I wear this necklace so much, as you can see.  Funnily enough always knotted.  I don't know why.

image showing layered necklaces with moto jacket

My next outfit needed to be a relatively new inspiration.  I looked at what I wore on the second day last year, and I know that yes it was fitting but, well let's look at fitting.

It was fitting short.   That would be fine in normal circumstances but  this time I was on a panel and this dress is too short for panel wear.  Positively indecent  just not suitable for sitting in front of an audience. This meant changing things up a bit so I chose a longer black jersey dress with dots and a black jacket.

2.  Pack dresses.

I always take dresses if it's a work event. Why take 2 separates as an oufit when one dress will do? Plus a jacket. This is so true of vacations too. It cuts on packing and makes dressing so much simpler.  And let's face it in a hotel room you want simple.

3. Take clothes that do not requiring ironing

Everyone of the items I took do not crease on packing.  Bliss eh, what!  My jackets are from Sainsburys and Marks and Spencers and both are several years old.  They both wash in the machine and do not need ironing.  I also made sure my dresses were that jersey crease-free material.  Who wants to be hunting for an iron in a hotel? Not me.

4 Packing Cubes

I really enjoy packing my pieces into the sets for the day.  Especially when its work.  I pack all items for the day in one bag from Jewellery to undies to jacket. 

This is similar to the set that I bought, listed below.  I bought 2 sets from eBags of various sizes in grasshopper green.

5. Hotels don't seem to have bathroom stashes now.

Well at least I seem to find the hotels that don't anyway so make sure you do pack all of your bathrooom bits as minatures, if possible.  I always try to take scraps that need using up so as I can leave the container behind.

6.  Bag

I like to use a cross body bag with an adjustable strap and lots of space and lots of pockets. 

My bag is available from Eva Trends and has a 15% discount with code AM15.

Oh, and here I am at the conference.   Shame I couldn't take these tulips on the train.  They were fresh from Holland. 

Strangely enough my oldest daughter went to her first conference two days later in Birmingham.   I reminded her that all of those boring table manners we taught her were for this moment when she went into the formal dinner.  She came home with freebies, all teeth related.

 Now, tell me which hat do you think I bought the hubs?  

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  1. Wise choices with the dresses. I'm with you on that idea.
    Laurie xx

  2. First Mate if you were feeling loving...but I prefer Knackered Sailor

    1. Im with you and it was tempting but he specifically asked for First Mate so I had to get that one.

  3. Those packing cubes are a great idea. If you pack up each day's outfit in advance, you're less likely to forget the jewellery / bag / right tights etc.

  4. Great tips you have here. I totally agree with you on the dresses.


  5. Knackered sailor, for sure! Love your dress outfits, wise choice to streamline dressing as conference days can be so lengthy. Good packing, though I'm thinking your holiday packing will be slightly less formal maybe? 😉. Shame about the tulips. Hugs, x.

    1. If it was up to me it would have been KS but he asked me to get FM. Sadly.

  6. Great pointers. I am actually flying somewhere Thursday. I'm going with the consensus as far as the hat-"Knackered Sailor" is my pick

    1. YOu all know me so well and yes that would have been my choice but..

  7. I am getting those packing bags. I love a bit of outfit planning. Thanks for linking up with the #DreamTeam this week

    1. Thank you and I'm glad that I showed you something useful.

  8. Love that necklace and how you tied it!

    1. Thank you. It's not expensive either and available on line near you.

  9. Love those packing bags - thanks for the tips #dreamteam

  10. I hate packing and normally do it in a rush just before we leave! I like the first mate hat. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

    1. Yes I packed the day before but i knew I could as I had my previous blogs as reference. so much more prepared that way.

  11. I always pack a dress! Even on a casual weekend runaway. (Ok, maybe not if we are tent camping.) One and done + looks like you made an effort all rolled into one tidy package!

  12. Great packing tips, I'm away next week so may put some to good use! Thanks for joining me on #chicnadstylish #linkup Anna. x


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