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Continental Drift -Summer Plans from the UK Host

Summer plans.  Hmmm. Well let's start with saying I can't believe it's here already as I'm still mourning a lack of spring.  June has crept up on me and I'm partly filled with horror.
At work our year-end is June 30. That means I need to be preparing for the next financial year but also getting my head into year end consolidation.  Before that though there is a window for a holiday and I intend to take it.  

We are going away as a group this year with the young adults.  As we are going to Tenerife it is a destination that we have been before when the girls were young.  I have an idea to replicate a few photos.   

The response to the girls picking up stones as a possible replication was 'can't we do something a bit more grown up?'  Haha, I get the point but who doesn't enjoy picking up attractive and tactile pebbles (my home has vases of beach pebbles and shells).  OK, so the beach in Tenerife is lacking smooth brown stones but what it lacks in that it gains in sharp edged pumice.  Right, well I see her point.  Perhaps lava intrigued an 8 year old but not so much someone in their 20s.

So we will probably replicate these pictures.  Yes we have all changed.  I, for instance, am distinctly mumsie in this, even if I seemed to think I was centre of the universe. It was  Guess T that I had bought in Houston a year earlier. 

Normally by now we have planned a summer BBQ in our garden.  I think the lack of a proper spring has meant that we haven't got our heads into summer mode.  When I say summer mode I mean planning for a period of summer that is longer than 3 days.  Yesterday I was in a humid back garden in shorts and today it's like autumn.  I will have to speak to the hubster about rectifying that.  The BBQ not the weather. Although he likes to think himself all powerful, he isn't that, not really.  

Tomato sandwiches are a treat in the summer and I'm looking forward to biting into a crusty tiger bread sandwich with juicy sweet tomatoes, mayo and pepper.  If juice dribbles down my chin the better. What is your simple summer treat?

My brother bought me a bottle of Aperol for my birthday. That leads me to another summer plan.  To drink it!

In the summer I enjoy coming home from work and having supper in the garden.  It feels like there is still some day left.  As you know we bought new furniture this year so we may as well enjoy it.  I'm looking forward to a hot night sitting out with a drink and friends, and watching the bats flit above our heads.  They fly so low.  

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  1. Summer is such a great time for family time and fun!! I remember being younger though and not enjoying it as much!! I can't wait to see what's in store!!

  2. Enjoy your trip and the trip down memory lane with the photo recreations!

    SSG xxx

  3. I feel like we have just got our Spring - only it's summer already so I have struggled to get my head into the summer vibe too! xx

  4. I agree, it's like we missed spring out and I've not even thought about a BBQ yet! x

  5. How lovely to see pics of the girls when younger; time moves by so fast eh? As a child growing up on a tomato-exporting island, EVERY summer day's beach lunch was a tomato sandwich so it's not something I've rushed back to, though your idea of glamming it up with tiger bread and beefsteak tomatoes sounds quite a call. I'm salivating! Hugs my dear, x.

  6. I have bats in my garden too and I love watching them fly around me. I do enjoy the warm summer evenings but can't help wondering how long the nice weather will last!

    Emma xxx

  7. I am with you on the getting home from work and feeling like there is still so much day to be lived, I just love that feeling. I love that you are going to try to get your girls to replicate some of these photographs, that's a fantastic idea. Where do the years go? I can't imagine my girls being in their 20s but I know it's really not that far away.

  8. I was happy to segue straight into summer ---just wish it would be a bit more consistent weather-wise (cold and cloudy again today). But at least I had mostly good weather for my three weeks off in May!

  9. We haven't had much of a spring here either. It really messed up gardening and home improvement chores.


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