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How I Lost Weight

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Timing is everything.  Spookyily the day that I wanted to write and publish this post coincided with my weight hitting bang on my target. Not a part of a pound out.  My achievement is so much better than last year. At this point a year ago I was 3 pound heavier than now.  In total since January  I have lost 8 pounds. Okay, that's not a huge amount but its the difference between slightly frumpy and slim on me.  

How did I do it?  Well, I admit I was stuck as you saw in my January posts.  However as I wrote in My January Goals I did discover an alternate, and better for me, way of calculating my BMR.  This is the formula that was created in 1990.  Armoured with this information I dialled into My Fitness Pal everyday and recorded everything that I ate.  This forced me to make good choices. I mean if you only have so many calories to eat then you have to choose wisely how to spend them don't you. 

Planning was essential.  I would prepare 4 day's work week breakfasts on a Sunday.  My mix is 

8 scoops of oats
75 ml of natural low fat yogurt
30 ml of low fat milk
and stir.  Cover and leave in the fridge.  This is enough for 4 days and  I add fresh berries to my daily serving. 

This may seem like not much but it is filling and does teach portion control.  Which segues into 'portion control.'   Measuring calories forces youone me to make sensible choices over portion sizes and is  a re-education tool. 

I must admit that I am not a fizzy drink drinker so I didn't struggle on that front. But I do like my wine and so I try to limit going out with friends to once a month. When I'm eating I stop when I'm full.  Typically I am leaving half of my supper and that turns into a packed lunch for the next day at work.  Colleagues have commented on my bean on cold toast. Yes, bean, haha.  I took one baked bean plus a slice of toast in last Friday. Well, it's economical as well as reducing overall calories.  However it appears that that day I had given up eating supper with just one Heinz bean to go. 

I don't belive in juices/smoothies as they are packed with calories in my view.  I also saw a TV show that demonstrated a blood increase in antioxidants after drinking these, yes a win, but a reduction in antioxidants several hours later to below the control starting point.  The lesson was that our bodies eliminate what it doesn't need.  

It's taken me 6 months to lose that 8 pound.  That is a slow and healthy pace of loss. I'm no expert but I do think exercise has helped.  Remember me here, when I was proud of running for 5 minutes. Haha, it's worth a read.  I am now part of a running team at work and can run with men in their forties and thirties for a good 20-25 minutes.  I mean I'm not the fastest for sure.  This week the group split in 2 as I couldn't keep the pace of the marathon runners. However one male colleague who used to cycle stayed with me at my pace.  We did the same distance as the first group.  The next day I asked my male compatriot how he felt. Aching obviously.  I said ' I think we pushed ourselves yesterday.'  He replied, 'No you pushed me.'  I am proud.  For this mid-fifties women in the office to now be taken seriously for running is quite something. And a year ago I couldn't run 30 seconds, could I! 

So, yes some life changes have helped. Portion control, better choices and exercise.  But there is one more thing. More mysterious.  

My weight had stagnated at 3lb over my target for 6 weeks. I never thought I'd be in a position to write this post.  I didn't increase exercise, I didn't reduce portions any further.  I decided, 'ok, so be it'.  In fact I cut running down to twice a week instead of 3 times!  Over the last 6 weeks my weight has dropped again.  There has been one change.  I am drinking 2 water bottles of water a day at work.  I don't know if that is why I have lost the extra weight but it is the only difference to my lifestyle.   Do you remember when I went to Liverpool. At the conference I picked up a spare water bottle that I could use in the office.  In my office everyone goes everywhere clutching their water bottle.  I decided to join in.  

My at home bottle for the gym and days out is this one. 

 It is very popular in the office too.  At the risk of being laughed at I took these pictures of the variety of bottles in the office.  

And here is where I ran to stalk this young lady as I thought she was the epitome of the modern office worker with their bottle and trainers.

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  1. You look so great! That's interesting about the water. I do try to keep a water bottle with me at all times. It's so motivating to read this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You've done incredibly well Anna and it's not easy at all at our age, having to drop to such a low number of calories to lose weight. I admire your discipline.

  3. Excellent work, Anna! I'm inspired by your success. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    SSG xxx

  4. Well done! Nearly at the target is better than it being further away. I think you look good as you are xx

  5. Well done Anna!! It must great to feel healthier xx

  6. Congratulations ...I don't weigh myself, but I have a pair of trousers that I use as a gauge. If the zip won't go up I am in serious trouble. I find that if I diet I put on weight. Figure that one out...


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