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My Joules Clothing Purchases

What to wear to an agricultural show? What to wear to a country fair? Or how to accessorise with a tractor? All of these are  appropriate titles to this post. 

First let's look at how to use shoes to bring out the pop of red in a farm vehicle. 

But you needn't  be limited to tractors I might add. If you don't have a Casey in your accessories arsenal then a  combine harvester will do just as well. 

For instance this sophisticato necklace in yellow would look great with this combine wouldn't it!  And remember that the necklace is 15% off with code MS15.  What better time to accessorise it with a combine harvestor!

I do agree though that a tractor or combine harvester might be a considered purchase but you could start your collection with a spade, or even trowel.

Why have I dabbled with farmyard accessorising you might be wondering.  I think there's a gap in the market!  I can't say I've seen another style blog on the subject, can you?

For my visit to the South of England agricultural show I knew I'd be styling bright coloured machinery so I kept my palette neutral.  Jeans plus an old white T shirt were perfect. This one is 5 years old from M&S.

I am wearing a Splendid thermal waffle knit hooded cardigan which is available on Amazon.  My Birkenstocks aren't available but similar is listed below

shoes similar here UK  and 
                         here USA

Bag  similar bags here  here USA

                                  here  UK

My waffle thermal hooded cardigan was taken for  warmth as I wasn't taking a coat and the weather was not forecast to be particularly warm.  That turned out wrong in the end  ..Dark Sky app, sometimes so right, but sometimes sooo wrong.

I know you like Alliums

I carried a leopard tote as leopard would go well with any bright  coloured tractor,  combine harvetor or spade. As an afterthought, of course, leopard would also go well with my red Birkies. 

I wanted a large tote for all of the shopping I was going to do, and I did.   Here are 3 clothing items that I bought at the show.  The Joules jackets were half price so it was darn good opportunity to buy two.  Online, both in the UK and USA they are half price too so take a peek at these links. Lucky you.  You too can enjoy my purchases for yourselves.

UK link Jacket in coral from Joules
UK linkJacket in olive from Joules
USA link USA link jacket in olive

This scarf in a lovely yellow  (UK link) from Joules is not in the sale but I bought it as its such a gorgeous colour for warm toned skins like mine. This same scarf is available here in the USA

Being Mutton I had to have a pic with my mutton sisters, of course.  

My video on what else I bought  is here if you are a glutton for mutton punishment.

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  1. Well weren't you the most stylish person at the country fair? And those huge tractors, oh my goodness! Yes, leopard was the right thing to accessorize with - you just proved that leopard is in fact a neutral, I mean anything that goes so well with tractors just has to be a neutral, right? Lol, in all seriousness you look lovely!!!

  2. Gerben and I decided that we want to visit farmers market and other markets in september in Sussex! So if you know a few that we should t miss, please let me know!😀😀😀

  3. I've always wanted to know what accessories go with a tractor! That combine is scary! You look cute on the hay bale with wine!

  4. I love things like this Anna, looks like a fun day. You look just right for the occasion, and I love your sandals. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  5. This is hilarious and such a great spoof on the usual photo shoots with bloggers wafting around pretty streets or flower markets!

  6. Hi Anna, So glad to meet you, I have now connected on IG. Thank you for stopping by OMGFF Linky Partyto share your blog!!

    I loved your video to see your purchases, I love the lightweight jackets and the honey, I bet will be delicious along with the other things.

    Hope to see you again next week!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  7. You look so cute climbing into that tractor Anna - it is enormous!! Looks like a great day out xx Maria

  8. Lovely post Anna. It looks like a great day out too :) That yellow tractor is huge!

    Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Blog Hop #Weekendbloghop

  9. What a lovely day and your outfit is perfect for it. Understated but really stylish

  10. You can never go wrong with blue jeans and a white tee. Looks like you had a fun day. =)

    Welcome by Thursdays and linkup with me, fashionista. Love your style! Thanks, Ada. =)


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