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Recent Fashion Purchases

Well how can I follow on a weight loss post.  How about what I have bought post and a what I want to buy post?  Will that do?

Firstly I want to say I love, love love the nail varnish that came in the M&S beauty box.  This Leighton Denny She's in Fashion chip proof varnish  .  I love how it goes with yellows and navys for instance.  It's a pop against black too of course.  

Image result for shes in fashion leighton denny

I was particularly surprised at how quickly this dries and how long the varnish lasts on my clumsy fingers.  Me, an OPI a worshiper. I'm in danger of converting.  

I can't find this varnish on the M&S site individually sold nor in  Boots but there seem to a few on ebay.  I guess some are splitting their box and selling the parts.  Shame on them!  Or enterprising!  

I have also bought a dress from Next this week. This great shaped casual denim dress .  On me, who is not leggy, this is a comfortable knee length and that was the attraction.  It's hard at my height to find knee length dresses. And it has pockets. It has pockets!

Rinse Denim Jersey Dress
Pic courtesy of Next 
Now over to you.  What I want to buy is a good quality navy Tshirt, short sleeved and no pocket.  Crew neck or round neck and of a thin-ish cotton, as opposed to a thick warm cotton. Any recommendations? 

Here is a bonus video of my recent outfits. 

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your dress on this blog, my pretty. Hugs, x.

  2. I too am a new fan! I've been using the Leighton Denny products a couple of months now. The top coat is amazing! Converted from my Rimmel Gel polish and not looking back! xx

  3. Love the colour of your nails. In fact I have nail envy. No matter what I try they are very brittle and no sooner do I get a nice shape and length than they break

  4. Love that cute dress with pockets!!! Yay for pockets!!! That nail color is very pretty, I love a pinkish red - perfect! I have very oily nail beds and it's so hard to keep polish on them but I think painted nails are just so pretty!

  5. I love your new polish. I blogged about polish for four years (can't believe I really did that for so long) and now remember wanting some polish by Leighton Denny. My old blog is still there at Blogspot-

  6. i've just switched my Rimmel Gel Polish for Leighton Denny. I'm amazed at the staying power with the top coat. Lovely colour you got there too! H&M have really good quality T-shirts in their premium range apparently. I'm going to check those out.

  7. I love the color of your nails! So vibrant and pretty. I have not heard of Leighton Denny and will check it out. Currently I use Sally Hansen extreme nails but I am always on the lookout for nail polish with staying power!

    Maureen |


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