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The Straight Jacket in Yellow

My dear blogger friend Mary suggested a collaboration and almost in the same breath she told me she'd recently found a yellow sweater.  I could do that, I thought for I'd just thrifted a primrose M&S sweater. All good.

 Plans were made and dates exchanged.  I tried on my £2 sweater.  What a disappointment.  The darn thing barely went over my head (suspect previous owner shrunk it as M&S are pretty good on sizing.) 

With a tugging here and a tugging there I still couldn't make it work.  It felt like a straight jacket!  It might not look like it but like all good straight jackets it was effective and restrictive.  What to do?

I don' t know why I'm smiling

Well, I had inspiration from a fashionista on Pinterest.  New plans were made in my closet.  Arms were disengaged from straight jacket.  Breathing was re-established.  A T shirt was sought. 

An outfit emerged.

Yes this is how I'll wear my straight jacket. 

 As to the rest of the outfit, Primark T shirt, Birkenstocks and jeans from And/Or and I have to admit to being my new favourites. 

Take a look at Mary's thrifted look, far more successful than mine I might add.  

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  1. Nice switch to yellow and nice repurposing of your straight jacket. I've adjusted my post accordingly!
    I have to own up to doing something similar with a Marks pink washable cashmere - their researchers hadn't reckoned on MY washing, should have stated "washable by everyone but Mary". It's in my charity bag.
    Like you in yellow, please wear it draped again soon.
    Hugs, my collab twin, x.

  2. You are so funny..I enjoyed your post...clever adjustment Anna x

  3. How smart to add it around your shoulders for a pop of color. Love that Brooklyn t-shirt too!

  4. That yellow is really lovely on you! Adds a bit of summer cheeriness.
    I loved your post by the way - it's the first time I've come across you. I'll be sure to swing by and see what you're wearing again soon!

  5. I think the yellow sweater looks good on you - it doesn't look tight at all! I also love it nonchalantly tossed across your shoulders - such a great look. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Anna!

  6. This is so clever!! haha - straight jacket :) #globalblogging

  7. It doesn't look too tight but I have some that have shrunk in the wash and they ride up :( great that it didn't go to waste. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  8. Haha! Now that's a bit of a tight fit. Loving the lemon colour though. It feels like a dash of sunshine. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

  9. Very smart idea! You still have the pop of yellow ( a great shade on you) and the tee looks great with it. I enjoyed your video :-)
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  10. Love the combination of yellow and your statement T!

    SSG xxx

  11. You are too funny. I was looking at the first picture thinking, this doesn't look anything like a straight jacket. Hahaha. I am glad you found something that looks great and more importantly feels great.

  12. Hey, great job re-engineering that sweater. That's a good idea for old sweaters and thanks for sharing it on the Slow Fashion Walk :-)


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