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Winnie Magee with her Irish Linen Raincoat

My dear fashionista, I have an Irish treat for you today.  A few weeks ago my hubster and I met a lovely Irish lady called Winnie Magee at the South of England show in Ardingly. We chatted and bonded. Hubster and Winnie bonded further over talk of misty mornings, Irish drizzle, holy water, the Mountains of Mourne, County Down in Northern Ireland, and linen.  Yes, Irish linen.  I do admit that, in my book, the very best tea towels are made from Irish linen, but that's a different story.  Today's story is about linen coats, for Winnie Magee makes a rain wear collection of linen coats.   

I bought one, and it arrived fresh from Comber, Newtownard in County Down within 10 days. Mine is the short hooded coat in a heather linen with beige moleskin lining.  

Winnie has a collection of staple design templates, outer linen colours and inner lining materials. The customer then puts together their choice of coat design, internal and external colour combinations, to deliver the perfect bespoke item for the individual.  

My hubster was so taken with the link with his Irish heritage that no sooner had my coat arrived then he was planning our photoshoot.  Yes, photography has gone to his head after the success of the Eva Trends coat in Brighton.  There's no stopping him now!  This time he chose the location, and barked posing commands at me with every other breath. Balcombe viaduct (just down the road from us) beckoned as the venue for the shoot. What could be more apt than Victorian monumental architecture fused with with ultra modern apparel innovations from Winnie Magee!

The coats aren't high street cheap, but this is ammeliorated by the statement style and practicality of the item. Could the coat withstand a howling storm in the winter? I very much doubt it! However, a light shower during summer months? Easy! A snap!! Apparently,  I absolutely love the garment (no, I'm not getting paid to say this), and I'm looking forward to finding more opportunities to wear it. Hubster has shown some of these photos to some women that he works with. Interest is building from that direction...

You can find Winnie here .

This post is not sponsored and I bought the coat.  

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  1. Perfect raincoat! What a stunning colour!

  2. I love that color! You look stunning in the raincoat. The hubster is becoming quite the bossy photographer! Love it!

  3. A unique piece and you look perfectly stylish in it. I'm hoping Mr H can fire up some photo shoot passion in TP when we next get together! Hugs, x.

  4. That is a amazing coat. Thank you for letting us know about her. I want one! This is a local designer worth shouting about. I want this one my next collage. Do you mind?

  5. Love the cut of your raincoat - that beautiful large hood is very 'little red riding hood'! xx Maria

  6. Great coat. The color really brightens up a rainy day!


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