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Causal Summer Lookbook

A few blogs ago I did a post on my work summer outfits.  I'm now showing a few casual outfits that I have worn this summer.

This trouser get up below is an outfit that I put together to go to a friend's 60th birthday garden party.  The straw bag and the hat made a  fairly ordinary pair of culottes and a broderie Anglais blouse into an 'outfit.'

trousers similar 

blouse  Similar UK
Blouse similar USA

One Sunday I grabbed this linen thrifted dress and added the straw bag from above plus a necklace to go to the pub with the hubster.  The knee accessory is due to falling on a run that morning.

One Wednesday after work I went to a bbq at my bosses house.  I chose to wear linen green drawstring trousers and a cream Broderie Anglais blouse. 

I call the below my elephant trousers.  My daughter has some that she was given by a colleague as a gift from Bali.  They have elephants on so are known as her elephant trousers.  I bought myself these from Sainsbury's.  Sainsburys have similar still in stock but in a different colourway now.

The below trousers are very old Pineapple ones.  In the time I have had them they have been in favour and out in my wardrobe.  This year they are in.  I really liked how well they combined with the loose linen coral top. 

Below are the same grey trousers that are in the first picture but this time paired with my Edy and Bridge vest to go to another friends birthday. This time 53rd.

Vest Edy&Bridge  

trousers similar 

Then here I am going to Brighton one Saturday in black and white cotton trousers and a red and white logo shirt.

I wore a black Next dress to go out in London and accessorised with blush bag and shoes.

dress Next

I also saw this dress at the garden party on a lady in this design .  It looked very pretty on her.

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  1. A lovely post, Anna. You look super in everything but the black dress intrigues me. I tried ordering twice in various patterns in this style and in two sizes, then gave up. I couldn't hit on the right size but your dress looks a perfect fit. How did you get on, pray tell oh wise one. Hugs, x.

  2. I like that first and last trousers. I only wear dresses with this weather, and my bikini!😂😂

  3. Great summer looks - you look put together while remaining cool in all the heat!

  4. Some lovely casual styles here Anna. I like the Elephant trousers and the white lace/ anglais top

  5. Love how you have styled your trousers....looking good lady.

  6. You've really got into a groove the last few months, super stylish lady! Love everything!

  7. love your casual outfits, that's my style, casual

  8. I had to laugh at the elephant trousers---and they look fabulous!!

  9. I have always loved those trousers-they seem to be a three season possibility?


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