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Continental Drift July Linkup and What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy?  At the moment the sunshine makes me happy.  We are having a bit of a heatwave in the UK currently and social lives are buzzing alongside the bees.  This weekend we are going to a garden party in Surrey with a former colleague of mine and on Sunday we have a trip to London planned with a former army colleague of the hubster.  Trying to determine what to wear to look smart in the sunshine for a garden party has been a challenge.  I decided on cropped cotton pants, a cotton blouse, sandals, hat and strawbag.   

I have bought myself a new camera here for the first time in 6 years and that is making me happy.  The price didn’t by the way.  However I am enjoying playing with the controls, learning about the buttons and studying the results.  I’m even bringing hubster along in the hobby, as you know from previous posts, and this gives us plenty to talk about. 

That is something else that makes me happy. We are not a couple that sit in silence if we are out for a drink.  There is plenty to say.  I think blogging helps that and is a joint hobby.  My old blog used to contain him as the subject as some of you know! That really have us plenty to talk about I can tell you!

What has made me unhappy is that the fridge freezer broke on Friday and we will have to wait until Tuesday for a new one.  In this heat.  90f.

And the heat.  That's not making me happy because we don't have air con in our homes in the UK so unless we are at work (boo) we can't escape it.

Time for any blogger readers to link up at the bottom of the page and I wish you all a happy July.

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  1. We are currently having an atrocious heat wave, too! I can’t take it! We only have small window air conditioning units, which is better than nothing I suppose. I am just staying inside as the heat indexes this week are well exceeding 100 degrees F (38 degrees C, I believe is the correct conversion). I hope you enjoy your weekend party and your fun new camera and stay cool in the process!


  2. Happy days huh? The weather is glorious isn't it? I hope you enjoyed the party and are getting along with the camera ok xx

  3. Oh the heatwave, 29 feels like 31 today! Hope you had a lovely garden party, looking so trendy in your well put together outfit. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about your new camera. Hugs, x.

  4. I actually love the hot weather....but I know I'm in the minority!!
    How fun to get a new camera---it's always such a challenge, but the results are great!!

  5. I love the heat! I am enjoying this very much. But when the fridge breaks down in this heat!! Wow, that s horrible!

  6. Last night was very hot - tough to sleep. It's the only time I curse the heatwave!

  7. We've been walking the dogs at 6.30 in the morning and soaking them as we walk round just to keep them cool. They are all asleep in front of the air con unit we bought now. Excited for you with your new camera xx

  8. This weather is amazing isn't it! I love it, I love how easy it is to get dressed every day! x

  9. I finally bought a remote for my camera and plan to figure it out this week, enjoy your new camera! I cannot imagine dealing with the heat without a/c, bless your heart I hope the heatwave ends soon!

  10. You look perfect for the garden party, I just love that hat. A new camera is always fun and I think for next year a course will on using a DSLR camera is on my wish list for something new to learn.

  11. Yay for new cameras and summer weather!

    SSG xxx

  12. You look amazing. White leg trousers and strawhats are great together.
    I wish you much fun with your new Canon ;)

  13. We don't celebrate the 4th july in germany,
    but it's such an amazing event. You look lovely.

  14. I love your grey pants so much, I'm going to see if I can locate some to try on. They look so comfy. #GlobalBlogging

  15. I think everyone is having a heat wave in the world. It's been a very hot summer so far. LOVE this summer outfit. It looks so cool and comfy.

  16. Just back from Ibiza, which was really hot! Sorry I've not stopped over lately, thanks for hosting the linkup Anna. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  17. Outfits like these are so breezy and perfect for Summer! You rock those pants and I love the hat. Good luck with the new linkup! What day of the week it is?!

    I am doing a very special all-skirts week of collaboration posts this week on the blog, come take a peak. =) The new Thursday Moda linkup just went live too! Thanks.


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