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Edy and Bridge

Once upon a time there was a girl called Edith and a girl called Bridget.  They didn't meet but shared the same planet, Earth. They grew up and had children.  Those children brought up families in England. One family in Devon and one in London.   Many years later two of those children met and shared their love for fashion.  With a creative wave of a pencil and a wish upon an ideas board these grandchildren launched a label.  A small one but a clothing  label none the less. 

They ventured to Brighton and after a busy day were about to shut up shop when a muttonwoman strolled in. This muttonwoman and her one man entourage, Mr Him, exclaimed over the unique pieces.  Muttonwoman bought herself a jacket. A jacket surplus from the army.  An army surplus jacket decorated with black sequins.  She was in love. 

A few weeks later as she planned a trip to hot climes, like  her kitchen in a heatwave,  the lovely grandchildren of Edith and Bridget, Michael and Jenni, sent this particular  muttonwoman a vest to wear in the heat. 

She couldn't wait to show her Instagram friends,  despite the legs er shorts.

She then tried the vest on with a maxi skirt for vacation evening wear planning. Being viscose this Janine vest in a floral print would be perfect for an evening out in hot climes. She would be able to go to the resort evening entertainment afterall (darn it.) 

This particular vest has a racer back which I like for summer evening wear.  It is available in several prints and  the Japense floral  print itself also is available as a dress. 

Edy and Bridge and their small British label can be found here.  They will ship internationally of course.

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I was kindly gifted thevest but it is exactly my style. 


  1. Loved the fairy tale, I love happy endings and this one ends with you looking super-cool in your gifted vest top.
    Hugs, x.

  2. I'm popping over for a look! The vest top is very pretty. I like the long skirt you're wearing it with too xx

  3. What a lovely story! They don t have a shop in Brighton right? They only have pop-up stores? Sounds like a great unique brand!

  4. That is a lovely top! #bloggingglobal

  5. Loving this easy, breezy Summer look. You look great in colors!

    Welcome join my Tuesdays monthly linkup. It is the last Tuesday of every month, also join my Thursday Moda every week and share your beautiful style, Thanks!! =)) Ada.

    1. Hi Ada. Will do and please join our continental drift #linkup this week


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